Customer Service Final Project

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Customer Service Policy
Mission Statement
My customer service mission would be to go above and beyond the customer’s expectations and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction to maximize the long-term growth and success of the company. We will provide a superior customer service experience and build a corporate culture that is focused on delivering quality customer service to maintain customer loyalty. Customer Retention/Loyalty

The importance of customer retention to the organization is a crucial component to the financial strength and growth of the company. Customer service is a part of the foundation for which customer retention occurs. In order for customer retention to occur the knowledge of customer loyalty needs to also be recognized. All employees must understand and acknowledge the relationship between customer retention and customer loyalty. Our upper level management needs to instill the proper education (job aids) to our frontline employees and stress the importance of customer retention to the organization.

There are many ways to achieve customer retention but I feel that best ways to achieve customer retention are to put the customer’s needs first and remember that a little goes a long way. By putting the customer’s needs first, this shows a care, concern, and awareness of the customer. All of which are valuable keys to customer retention. Also, we will be able to exceed what they expect. Over time we will be able to recognize the customer’s needs before they do. This will give us the opportunity to deliver valuable customer service and will be an easy way for your customer to recognize how much we value and appreciate their business. The ways in which we would want to maintain customer retention from the sales perspective, would be to offer our customers free trials on our new services or products, offer new services or products we feel will enhance their services or by offering our customers special discounts. Another...
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