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1. Service personnel must be aware of the degree of social distance desired by their customers. Explain 2. As a restaurant manager, your attention is called by a server to a booth of four men who are talking loudly, using profanity, and appear to be belligerent. 3. Your restaurant is located near a high school.Recently, several of the students who are patrons have been throwing ice and wadded paper napkins at each other. What should you do? 4. Eye contact is particularly important in patron relations. Explain. Eye contact is important in talking to a person. When you are dealing with a customer, be sure to make eye contact with them. This will make them feel that you are paying attention to them and will also make sure that they hear what you have to say. This is because, if there is no eye contact in communication between two person, it is difficult to hear someone if they are not looking at you when they speak. 5. In seating a lone women in a restaurant, what factors should be considered? In seating a lone women in a restaurant, a server should try to be their indirect lunch or dinner mate. Try talking to them so that they will not feel strange. This is because to prevent the person to feel weird or uncomfortable. Try sitting them to a place that has a great view. Avoid seating the person next to a large parties of men. Offer a friendly conversation to make them feel comfortable if they seem receptive. Good interaction means good service. Staff should not be intrusive and should accord people space, yet make the diner feel comfortable. 6. The degree of psychological tension that is desirable varies with the situation . How can a restaurant manager work to raise or lower the tension to make it appropriate for the situation? Psychological tension frequently happen during when a customer is waiting for their food or sit. To prevent this from happening, as the restaurant manager, you should know the needs of your customer. Offer...
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