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CS1 –Customer Service
Unit 3 Customer Service
25 November 2013
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Student: Thenjiwe Rudo Moyo
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Customer service can be described as how a company ensures that its customers receive a satisfactory service. Companies can ensure that a customer’s expectations have been met by following a variety of steps before, during and after a service has been provided. Before providing a service, a business can carry out research to find out exactly what the customer wants so that they can aim to give it to them. During the purchase or when a service is being provided, a company can delivergood customer service by making sure that the customer’s expectations are met. Although the main benefit of any business is the revenue generated by a service provided, it is important that the consumer feels taken care of and that they are valued. Follow up after a service is vital as 80% of business owners feel that they have done a good job and yet only 8% of the consumer actually feel this way. In the event that a customer is dissatisfied with a service or product, a business has the opportunity to redeem themselves. Good customer service is important as it provides free advertising, return customers, increased revenue and profits as well as upholds as company’s reputation. Businesses can sometimes get it wrong when staff do not follow company policies, there is a lack of respect between staff and guests and when the proper training has not been given. However good customer service is not only following a sequence of bullet points on training manual but is also an attitude. When staff enjoy, take pride in their work and value the consumer, I believe that they produce quality products and service. The Hilton Worldwide which is ranked second in the World Ranking 2013 of Hotel Groups and brand (2013) insures that their customer care team the HRCC (Hilton Reservations and Customer Care are ‘available to guests, and potential guests, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.’

Fig. 1- Top 10 of worldwide hotel groups as of 1 January 2013 The Hilton Worldwide(2013) insights the need to make sure that their ‘customers’ as well as ‘potential customers’ are well taken care of as they understand their duty of care to their customer. It is important to take care of the customers who are already loyal to their brand as these are customers who become advocates for their business providing invaluable and free marketing for their brand. It is also important to bring in new customers, this is shownbecause the Hilton values their potential customers as they would like these consumers to return to the business and in turn become loyal to their brand. It is important for a business to implement a customer service policy as Foskett, Paskins, 2011 pg. 322suggest that ‘staff can benefit from good customer care training. The caterer must set standards of customer care, measure performance, set up training as well as reward accordingly.’ By having a customer service policy staff know precisely“what the company stands for, what the mission is, what behaviour the company values highly.” Key Performance Indicators (KPI) can be used to measure employees’ performance to determine if the policies that have been set by the business are being met. In some cases, setting KPI for employees can have a negative effect on the customer service provided by staff as they will be aiming to achieve targets rather than provide the desired ‘humane’ aspect of good customer service. It is in this instance that a business can reassess their customer service policy so that their staff can both achieve their targets as well as give the guest exceptional service. Training programmes and customer service specifications can be developed to show how staff can deal with a situation in the event that something goes wrong. Customer service policies are important to implement in any business because...

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