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The Importance of Good Customer Service
Good customer service is essential for every business and organization. As soon as a customer steps foot into a business or an organization, workers and volunteers should do everything they can to ensure that the customer gets the best experience possible. Every member of an organization should have an immensely positive attitude. To make sure that the client is satisfied, the workers and volunteers need to have a smile on their face, no exceptions. The workers and volunteers should also be extremely informed of everything, so that when clients need to ask a question, they actually have an accurate answer. In my personal experience, if I ask a question to a worker at a store, and they have no answer, it is a waste of my time, since they have to go ask a superior for the answer. Another essential thing to contribute to good customer service, is great listening skills. Volunteers and workers should always listen to the customer, even if they are busy. If the client has any comments or concerns, customer service needs to truly listen to everything they have to say, and provide great feedback; they should definitely not just move their head up and down to say “Yeah.” The ability to deal with the customer’s complaints is tremendously significant. Both volunteers and workers should try to find a way to calm down the client in case they seem exceedingly angry. Personally, I like it when workers ask if their is anything they can help with, because it lets me know that they care for my experience. Workers and volunteers should always be helpful, even if the customer just seems like they are having a little bit of trouble. Good customer service need to always be friendly. As I have stated before, a smile is crucial for great customer service. Greeting the customer is the first step in ensuring a friendly manner towards client. Another example of being more friendly towards customers could be stating their name, and then letting...
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