Customer Satisfaction with Honda CBR 250R Bike: An Analysis

Topics: Sport bike, Kawasaki Ninja 250R, Southern California freeways Pages: 3 (950 words) Published: May 9, 2013
2011 Honda CBR250R: MD Ride Review

You may have read Gabe’s reports from the official press introduction of the 2011 Honda CBR250R here and here.  We asked Honda for a unit to test for a couple of weeks near our offices in Southern California.  The bike was ridden by three test riders other than Gabe over the course of our evaluation. The first question I asked Gabe to focus on at the press introduction was whether the CBR250R was fast enough to feel comfortable on Southern California freeways.  Freeways, where traffic frequently flows faster than 70 mph, and where you want to have some motor left to get out of the way of that bonehead changing lanes into you.  A very important question in my mind, and one that Gabe answered in the affirmative.  I can confirm that everyone who rode the CBR250R felt that it was fast enough.  Yes, guys who ride 1000 cc superbikes and assorted other bikes routinely thought the little 250 had enough motor to be both fun and practical, and more importantly not dangerous on our crowded, often congested freeways. In fact, the CBR250R feels very comfortable (not stressed) cruising at 75 mph on Southern California freeways, and can even cruise at speeds higher than that without feeling like it is about to grenade.  Top speed appears to be roughly 90 mph. The bike is also fast enough around town.  It comfortably pulls away from stop lights quicker than just about any automobile short of an exotic sports car.  Something motorcycle riders expect.  Demand, even. Yes, the CBR250R is slow when compared with many larger displacement motorcycles, but it is “fast enough”, and this conclusion addresses the single, biggest concern expressed by potential buyers who have not ridden the bike (many U.S. riders think “all single-cylinder 250s are too slow . . .”).

In addition to a relatively low curb weight, the narrow rear tire (a 140), light crank and other engine internals lend a very lithe, nimble feel to the bike not found on larger...
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