Customer Satisfaction Of Airtel & Grameenphone

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Customer Satisfaction Level of Airtel Bangladesh & Grameenphone [Document subtitle]

American International University-Bangladesh(AIUB)

Semester: Spring 2013-14
Subject: Research Methodology
Section : D

Course Instructor: ISLAM, MD. TAUFIQUL

Submitted By:

Biswas, Elizabeth Pima ( 11-19499-2 )
Hossain , Rifat(11-19390-2)
Ahsan, Habib(11-19348-2)

Date of Submission: April 13, 2014

April 13, 2014
Md. Taufiqul Islam
Course Instructor
School of Business
American International University – Bangladesh (AIUB)
Subject: Submission of Report

Dear Sir,
We are very happy to inform you that we have completed our term paper. You have already known that the issue we have selected for the term paper is “Customer Satisfaction Level of Airtel Bangladesh & Grameenphone”. We have tried to provide accurate information throughout the term paper. However, may be there could be some unwanted mistakes for which we apologize. We will be glad if you accept our work. We are expecting your valuable advice and coordination for our future developments. Thanking you.


_________________ _________________ _________________ Elizabeth Pima Rifat Hossain Ahsan Habib ID: ID: ID:

We would like to express our humble gratitude to the Almighty for enabling us to complete the enormous job of this term paper. This analysis would not have been possible without the help, encouragement and appreciation of many individuals. We would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my supervisor, Md. Taufiqul Islam, Lecturer, American International University – Bangladesh (AIUB) for his constant guidance and helpful suggestion during the course of analysis. This analysis would not have attained its current shape without his encouragement and continuous support.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to our parents for their continuous support, constant inspiration and loving care given and shown to us during our studies and analysis.

We also acknowledge our debt to all who helped us in collecting informative data related to the analysis during our field visit to study area.

Table of Content
Topic Name
Page No.
1. Introduction
1.1 Basic information
1.2 Background information
1.3 Objective of the report
1.4 Literature Review
2. Research Method
2.1 Data sources
2.2. Method of collecting data
2.3 Limitations of the study
3. Result & Discussions: Findings
3.1 Findings on respondents’ analysis
3.2 Findings on questionnaire analysis
3.3 Best According to Customers
3.4 Reasons of the First Choice: Grameenphone
3.5 Reasons of the First Choice: Airtel
3.6 Competitive Advantage of Grameenphone & Airtel
3.7 Customers Recommendations
3.8. References
3.9 Questionnaire
4. Expected outcomes & conclusion
5. Bibliography
6. Appendix
Customer Satisfaction Level of Airtel Bangladesh Limited
1. Introduction
The introduction of the telecommunication sector has been pretty late in Bangladesh compared to that of the neighboring countries. The mobile telecommunication service has been doubling on an annual basis over the last two or three years. Now-a-days there are six mobile phone operators in the country with - Grameen phone, Robi, Teletalk, Banglalink, Airtel and Citycell. They are offering different new package and offers different value added services to satisfy the customers ‘demands. Customer satisfaction is a fundamental marketing construct in the last three decades. In the past, it was unpopular and unaccepted concept because companies thought it was more important to gain new customers than retain the existing ones. However, in this present decade, companies have gained better...

References: 5. Bibliography, 2013, 2013, 2013, 2013
Walsh, G., Groth, M., and Wiedmann, K.P
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