Customer Satisfaction in Washing Machine

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Washing machine made their mark in the Indian market in the eighties. Videocon was the first company in India to introduce washing machine. Over the years it has remained market leader, with an overall market share of 35%, by introducing flexible strategies. Initially, the challenge was to ran away homemakers from their traditional method of washing clothes, but then, owing to high prices, the market appeared to be limited only to upper income urban households.

The 1990s saw a change in the socio-economic scene in the country. Rapid economic growth, increase in the number of working women, changing lifestyles and higher asp rational levels with exposure to satellite television and easy consumer finance meant that demand for consumer goods rose phenomenally.

In India Gust as in USA top loading machines (technically) referred to as vertical of V axis account for 95% of all machines sales (in USA it is 98%), unlike Europe where front loading (H axis) machines dominate problem with bending, water leakage and child safety concern work against H – axis machines.

Washing machines sales by type in 2011

|Type Percentage | |Top load Twin Tub semi automatic 70.5% | |Top load fully automatic 19.8% | |Front load 9.7% |


The total number of branded washing machines selling in India is about 60 lakhs and the current market penetration is about 2%, the Highest being 8% in the urban areas. Last year the washing machine recorded a growth of 5 to 6% and it is estimated that the automatic models will grow faster and the larger sizes will gain market share due to the reducing prices, rising levels of disposable income and availability of consumer financing and the increasing replacement demand. However that the 5Kg will remain to the largest selling segment, as it suffices the requirement of nuclear families.

This high rate of growth is attributed to:

➢ Relative low base and low penetration ratio in the past

➢ Changes in the lifestyle of the expanding middle class

➢ Expanding monetary income

➢ Rising participation rate of women

➢ Impact of TV advertising on mental makeup of women in particular and the urbanized families in general

➢ Thrust of the MNCs in the market with their global brands

➢ The products up graduation


In this electronic era, life is fast moving into a materialistic world. So time saving has become one of the most essential things and this has passed way for the artificial intelligence to conquer life.

Washing machine is such electronic machine that has gained appreciation among the public. The basic commodity namely the clothing is one the elicitnee.

With the advent of the washing machine, the manual labour and his even load has been lessened to the great height. This machine does not extract any steal and manpower, which is main advantage.

Today’s world has switched into be stingy ways possible. And to this adds the washing machine that convert ness less power and time.

The product namely the washing machine can be ranged into automatic and semi-automatic on the having of the manpower required. The automatic machine does not need any manual operation, once it has been switched “ON”. The semiautomatic machines does require the human interaction a midst the activity.

The popularity of the product is due to the general life...
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