Customer Satisfaction

Topics: Computer simulation, Profit, The Higher Pages: 3 (925 words) Published: April 17, 2006
This paper will discuss the various aspects of running a small business. The concepts and ideas presented is based on the experience of participating in ServiceSim, a computer simulation in which the user is presented with the task to run FastLane - a small car dealership. Specifically, the paper deals with the aspects of customer satisfaction, profitability, and how decisions regarding HR affect the performance of a company. Customer satisfaction is based on and influenced by a multitude of factors. While some of these factors are impossible to control (weather, accidents etc), most factors are indeed a direct function of the management's and the employee's abilities and performance. Every customer has a unique set of expectations. Therefore, satisfaction is not a fixed parameter but rather a subjective measurement based on each customer's own perception of the service quality. In service industries, this becomes even more evident as the satisfaction depends on more variables; because services involve and depend upon the performance of humans, it becomes difficult to ensure consistent quality over time. This heterogeneity makes it difficult for service managers to know for sure that the service is being delivered in a satisfactory manner. Another problem facing service managers is intangibility. From the customer's point of view, the lack of tangibles often makes it harder to determine if the service was performed satisfactorily. With respect to ServiceSim, I believe the most important factor for customer satisfaction was ‘Fixed 1st time'. One of the first decisions I made in January was therefore to replace a Tech1 with a Tech2 since Tech1s generated a higher number of comeback hours. I also hired another Tech3 in order to raise the overall quality level. During the simulation, I found three main areas where the decision making became a balance act between trying to achieve customer satisfaction on the one hand, and profitability on the other. The three areas...
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