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It gives me an immense pleasure to present you this entire project. The topic Is “A STUDY REPORT ON CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AND SERVICE ANALYSIS OF MANICKBAG TVS IN BELGAUM CITY” the study is undergone at Manickbag TVS. The project report focuses on customer satisfaction and post sale services, of Manickbag TVS motors. A two wheeler showroom in Belgaum city.


Topic of the study: “A study report on customer satisfaction and service analysis of Manickbag TVS in Belgaum city”

Need for study:

To understand the satisfaction level of the customer regarding the service provided by Manickbag TVS, to understand what are the customer requirement and improvement required by them in service .

Objective of the study:

To know the customer satisfaction level towards services of Manickbag TVS. .To know the problems presently faced by the customers at Manickbag TVS. To study the post sales service performance.
To know the new area of improvement.

Research Design:

Primary Source: Questionnaire & Personal interaction.
Secondary Source: Company data through Internet.
Sample Size: 100 customers
Location: Belgaum.

Out come & Benefits of the study:

The outcomes of the this project would give the Organization a clear understanding about the customer feedback as well as there satisfaction level and also to understand what the problems faced at the time of service. With the help of this study report the organization come to know the customer feedback and make improvements in the required area.


About customer satisfaction
Customer satisfaction occurs when the experience obtained from transaction match expectation. Customer may forget experience that match expectation although, customers will generally notice and also remember those experience that deviated from expectation. This stage is particularly known as dissatisfaction results in to a feeling of dissonance in case where an experience obtains from product/sendee falls short of expectations. In opposite situation i.e. state of satisfaction it may result in to repurchase of product /service as case may be. One has to accept the fact that people i.e. employee in an organization play a crucial role in determining, and delivering of the level of service quality and ultimately consumers satisfaction. It has been observed that even manufacturing organization have gradually realized the fact that along with tangible offering, intangible customer service the only possible distinct way to cerate a point of differentiation and positioning in to the competitors. It is needless to state companies need to manage customer contact effectively where the desired outcome is a satisfied customer. Customer's satisfaction data customer data provides early warning sing of problems before they show up in revenue and down in profit.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the to success. Getting your customer to tell you What’s good about your products or services, and where you need improvement Helps you to ensure that your business measures up to their expectations. The Attached file contains a customer satisfaction survey form designed to help gather. This important information . it was designed to make it easy for customer to fill out and To make it easy for you to quickly customize to exactly match your company activities.

It also includes suggestion for distributing the form. Ensuring that customer that will Return the form, and following up on comments.

Here are a few principles given by Steve smith.
The goal is to exceed customer expectation.
The more the employee satisfaction, the more the customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is necessary, but not sufficient how many times do satisfied customer switch brands? Answer, a lot.
All initiative must be derived from defined problems. For instance , dissatisfied customers don’t buy....

Bibliography: Market Research by Tull and Hawkins
Marketing Management by Philip Kotler
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