Customer satisafaction

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Proposal for Thesis

5.Proposed Topic
A study of effectiveness of Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction in Pawning at Commercial Banks in SriLanka

6.Research Problem
Pawning growth of all commercial banks has dropped drastically. In most of the banks, Pawning has played a main and major role in their profits. Therefore Pawning has considerably affected banks’ performance.

Customer satisfaction and customer retention is very important to survive in the banking industry. The service quality can be used as a tool to measure the customer satisfaction. Customer retention is depends on the customer satisfaction.

In analyzing many questions can be raised such as, why the growth has dropped? Is a better service provided for the external customers? Is a better service provided for the internal customers? What affects the service quality? What are the practical issues faced by the internal customers? What has to be changed to give a quality service to the customer satisfaction?

7.Research Objectives
I.To identify whether Pawning departments are giving a good service to the internal customers II.To identify whether the internal customers are giving a good service to the external customers III.To identify whether service quality is up to the customer expectation IV.To identify the issues that internal customers face when giving a service to the external customers V.To identify the practical issues which the internal customers face VI.To analyze whether the internal and external customers are satisfied

05 main commercial banks in Sri Lanka will be selected for this research analysis. While analyzing the customers, there are 2 types of customers such as internal customers (branch staff) and the external customers (public customers). oInternal customers (125 samples)

Purposive sampling technique will be used in customer selection. 25 samples to be selected from each bank oExternal...
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