Customer Relationship Management and Points

Topics: Customer relationship management, Business intelligence, Customer service Pages: 4 (748 words) Published: December 10, 2013
University of Professional Studies, Accra
Year Group 2013 Evening/Week-end MBA Programs
Management Information Systems
Fall 2013
Final Exam Study Guide

Question 1: DP World Takes Port Management to the Next Level with RFID (pages 377 to 378). (100 points)

a. In what four (4) ways did the Identec Solutions RFID-based technology help DP World increase the efficiency and effectiveness of its customers' supply chains? (20 points) *it reduces congestion at the port: it is timely

*improving customer satisfaction. This will in-turn increase the turn-around of shipping goods. *it has improve gate efficiency through truck management. And also fuel efficiency *
*it has brought about a massive reduction of paper work, which brings about delays.

b. Describe four (4) improvements that resulted from implementing the Identec RFID-based solution. (20 points) *it brought about customer satisfaction. Customer concentric *efficiency at the gate terminals

*it eliminated lengthy procedures by paper work.
* it has brought improvement in revenue generation

c. In what four (4) ways does the concept of supply chain execution relate to this case scenario? (20 points) *just-in-time supply to customers

d. What four (4) managerial challenges might DP World have faced in the early stages of the RFID project's deployment? (20 points) *spending several time and months performing prove of concept trials *rugged environmental conditions at the port

*challenge in vendors been able to meet managerial targets. Which was about 90% *

e. What four (4) technological challenges might the Ghana Ports and Harbors Authority (GPHA) face if it were to deploy a system similar to the Identec Solutions RFID-based technology? (20 points)

*inadequate skill (man-power) to maintain the technological gadgets *maintenance of the technology.
*manipulation of the system

Question 2: Customer Relationship Management Heads to the Cloud (pages 390 to 391). (100 points)

a. What...
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