Customer Relationship Management and Netflix

Topics: Customer relationship management, Marketing, Strategic management Pages: 9 (2855 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Different system in Netflix

Yilin Zhou
Professor Yehia Mortagy


First part I will introduce the background of Netflix and what are they mainly business. Following is different system application in Netflix. First one is Porter`s models analysis. This framework for industry analysis and business strategy development formed can help us see today`s Netflix. Then is Netflix Prize that was a competition to help Netflix got better system database. I also write E-business development that clearly explains Netflix Operation Model and how it works. Netflix`s problem is a important part that show what Netflix need improve now and how system help them make a better decision. MSRP and ERP system also useful in Netflix. Following is CRM system that Netflix have a self-made CRM crisis and Social CRM can be helpful. Last but not least is Networks that is the basic of Netflix.

Table of Content
Abstract ------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 Table of contents --------------------------------------------------------- 2 I. Introduction background----------------------------------------- 4 II. Porter`s models in Netflix--------------------------------------- 5 III. Netflix Prize------------------------------------------------------- 7 IV. E-business development----------------------------------------- 8 V. Netflix`s problem----------------------------------------------- 10 VI. MSRP and ERP system in Netflix---------------------------- 11 VII. CRM system in Netflix--------------------------------------- 12 VIII. Networks in Netflix------------------------------------------- 13 IX. Conclusion------------------------------------------------------- 14 Reference ----------------------------------------------------------------- 15

Netflix, Inc. introduction
Netflix is a company provide online movie rental. The company is able to provide thousands of DVDs, also free deliver customers quick and easy to select videos. Netflix found a market segments and use DVD form to rental film. According to the distribution of DVD`s number, they charge customer monthly fee 5.99-47.99 dollars.  They do not count DVDs in each but they use the monthly basis. Customers have no need to deal with the amount of money they rent for their DVDs. They can rent as many as they want. Reduce ship cost and shrewd sales can make the company have more activity The company's business model has two characteristics: one is the advanced distribution network in the United States that Netflix have 41-distribution center. It can realize one-day delivery to most of customers. Second is online film recommending system, customers can choose their favor film from Netflix is one of the light spot in online business. It successfully combined the traditional video leasing business, modern marketing type and advanced IT network technology. Thus created the new situation of online video rental. Netflix through integration of its own marketing means and recently IT network technology, successfully changed the consumption habits and build its brand advantage. According to the manner of information retrieval, the development of the Internet can be divided to three stages. First stage is the web portal, they provide navigation for important information on the Internet, a typical representative is yahoo. The second stage is search engine, they returned website relation with keywords to the user based on their input. Next is personalized Recommended stage, according to the user`s characteristic and needs to provide personalized service. Netflix belong to the third stage.

Porter`s models in Netflix
We all know the high-tech products industry is really a competitive industry in recent years. We can use the Porter’s model to analyze Netflix. First is the generic strategy of the company, At this part, cost advantages play an important...
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