Customer Relationship Management and Children Relationship Marketing

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Customer relationship management
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The customer relationship management is defined as a widely-implemented strategy for managing a company’s interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects. It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes—principally sales activities. The relationship with child is defined as an important part of mistake made in hospitality business and is show as example of “unsolicited employee action” in the hospitality sectors by the international encyclopaedia of hospitality management (Abraham Pizam). “unsolicited employee action” is with”the customer needs failures” and to “the system failures” one of the three most important critical success factors. Customer relationship marketing has been focused on the business customers first, before being generalised for every adult. The customer relationship management has not to be only focus on the adults, to be perfect it has to satisfied children and their parents who will became in a near future the new customers. That is why we have to ask the question: So do we need to develop the children relationship marketing as a way to earn loyal customer for life or only as another guest? So to start to answer and to understand, we need to deal first about why it is important to see children relationship marketing as a possibility to develop a brand loyalty on a long scale. Trip Advisor has announced the results of its annual family travel survey for 2010. 92% of travellers with children plan to take at least one family vacation this year. It is for the leisure business a huge part of their customers. And it is up from 88 % who did so last year, according to more than 1,100 U.S. travellers surveyed. So it is a growing market. With the European nativity and the numbers of child per family decreasing quickly, more and more family are going to travel with them, for both abroad and domestic’s destinations. The 2010’s will maybe be the time of the spoiled kid travellers who enjoyed luxury holiday with their parents. 2010 may also see a trend for travelling further abroad, with 33 % planning to take both domestic and international family trips, up 5%from last year. It is literally a proof that one market already exist for the family and kids greetings. It is also a proof that family will spend more per children than in the past decade. We have also to be careful with new markets increasing tourism. The unique child culture in China and India brings also with the new tourism a new type of customer: extremely rich and spoiled children who will became customers for luxury hotel in the next decades. The question is: How we can use the children marketing and its original needs and approach to developed special relationship with kids? Originally ignored and later dismissed, the influence of children has been reassessed more recently (Haemoon Oh, Abraham Pizam 2008). With the exponentially increase of the competition between hotel chain, which started to become all globalized, the customer relationship marketing became an essential tool to stay competitive. But it is not enough original to be really differentiated from competitors for regular customers. That’s why hotel has to improve their relationship management on different and complementary segments. Swisshotel which is a brand of Fairmont hotels and resort has developed a kid’s friendly marketing strategy which won the international hospitality awards 2010 for Initiative in Client’s Experience. It is a concept which offers to the 2-17 years old customer segment a stay as memorable as their parents. The final goal for this luxury brand (own by Fairmont) is to become the leisure hotel for the group and be also really...
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