Customer Relationship Management

Topics: Customer relationship management, Marketing, Electronic commerce Pages: 7 (2098 words) Published: July 24, 2013
Customer Relationship Management Challenges in E-business
Savita Verma1, Umang Soni2, Anirban Kundu3
Mechanical Engineering Department, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016, India Abstract— This paper presents essence of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and its emerging research from challenges in e-business perspective. The challenges associated with Strategic and Collaborative Relations are discussed and applications of different soft-computing techniques are identified as emerging area of research. This paper proposes Customer's Customer Relationship Management (CCRM) and Customer Social Network Management (CSNM) as the new dimension of this particular research domain. Keywords— e-CRM, e-business, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Social Network Management, Supply Chain Management

challenges, and road blocks of the CRM research. The latest research in this area and the future road-map of the research is also presented in this paper to analyse the trend. II. REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE IN CRM The CRM approach has received increased attention as a marketing concept during the last decades, both amongst practitioners and in academia. It was found that the most common category of CRM articles belonged to the information technology and management information systems category. A review of most relevant literature on CRM is considered to identify current trends from the perspective of Strategic, Analytical, Operational and Collaborative decision making. The focus has changed from Analytical to Strategic CRM [7] and research scope is getting a breakthrough in terms of e-CRM due to its cohesion with e-business. Different levels of decision making of CRM are Strategic, Analytical, Operational and Collaborative. A literature review was conducted by Wahlberg et al. [7] to describe the CRM research field using the aforesaid CRM decision classification which was drawn on the basis of 468 research articles that dealt with CRM in one way or another. As a point of departure for the review the following questions were used which is also adopted for this paper: • How has CRM research developed over the years? • What topics are focused on in CRM research? The distribution of CRM articles over time was increasing from the end of the ‗90s, which is also studied by Ngai [2], Romano and Fjermstad [5, 6] and Paulissen et al. [4] but was seems to be reached saturation after 2005 in their study. But introduction of e-business and e-market space changed the scenario in last few years. Ryding [1] examine the relative impact of new technologies on the improvement of customer relations and overall customer satisfaction within the sales industry. The study reveals the improvement of technology as beneficial and essential for both the customer and sales representative to maintain customer relationship. A study is also carried out by Chang et al. [9] to establish framework between CRM technology use and organizational performance as well as to generalize the CRM outcomes in the Korean context. Becker et al. [3] advocated their study to measure CRM performance in terms of the initiation, maintenance, and retention of customer relationships and its capabilities.

I. INTRODUCTION Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a widelyimplemented strategy, generally refers to the activities that helps businesses to build and sustain relationships with customer by means of technology to integrate and synchronise business processes such as sales and marketing, customer service and support. In other words it is the way of better analysis of customer requirement to deliver relevant products or services to the customers. CRM evolved over the period from operation such as relationship marketing and then moved towards customer retention through the effective management of customer relationships. At the...

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