Customer Relations

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Task 1
Problems that Molloy must deal with
Molly knows that she must handle the call like she handles any other call. Molly needs to be aware that perhaps this caller has been having trouble with her pc all day, and only now is she reaching the point of frustration. She must forget that she is due to finish work and take the call as far as she possibly can, even if it goes past her usual logging off time. Molly needs to identify if she can help the caller, once this can be clarified, she then needs to get the caller to properly identify the real issue whilst maintaining a cool manner. This can be accomplished by asking the correct questions either pre-defined or intuitively, to enable Molly to establish the actual issue. Molly needs log the call and take all of the relevant details, as the call may have to be re-opened or updated. She needs to maintain a pleasant demeanour as she would at any time of the day. Once she has identified the exact problem she can help the caller to deal with the impending issue. It is part of Molly's job to ensure that all calls are handled in a similar fashion, regardless of what time of the day they arrive. Molly needs to rembmer this might be the first time that the caller has phoned the helpdesk and you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Mistakes That Molly Might Make

Molly should resist the option of passing the call onto one of her colleagues. Molly needs to make sure the caller knows her name and ensure that she (Molly) takes responsibility for the call, even if she cannot eventually fix the issue. Molly must remember that she is representing her organisation, and therefore she must act in a way the organisation would want. The temptation would be to not log the call, but she may find herself having to explain why she never logged the call. She may find herself becoming impatient and irritable with the caller. She may rush into making the caller think that they have solved the problem in an effort to get the caller off the phone. This would most certainly lead to follow up calls. Molly may be tempted to get the caller to call back in the morning; however this might only make the call worse. Molly must remember not to take this persons’ call personally, they did not intentionally call at such a time to personally disrupt Molly's’ evening. Molly must make sure she avoids the temptation to transfer the call to a support technician whom she knows will not answer. What should Molly do to avoid making inappropriate responses to the caller? Firstly Molly should speak clearly. If she is coming across as disinterested, or mumbling this will frustrate the caller even further. Molly should take her time, and look at the problem logically. She should be aware that if the caller is not happy with the service, the caller may make a complaint. Perhaps Molly should inform the caller that although she will take all of the call details, and help the caller as much as she can, that perhaps not all of the technical staff will be available. Molly should remember that the customer is always right.

Task 2
Good Communicator
I would consider myself a good communicator. My first job was as a receptionist, and it was very important to my employer for me to be clear and concise on the phone. I was also the first person people met when they entered the building, it was vital that they were able to understand me, should they ask me a question. Within a helpdesk situation its crucial to be able to speak to a caller (of varying abilities) over the phone and guide them through the most basic to the most complex set of tasks. While working on a helpdesk, I had to help users of varying ability. Each of these users required different types of help so it was important that I communicate with them without coming across as condescending, patronising or arrogant. This work on the helpdesk has stood to me throughout my career. As my career was client focused, it’s vital that clients/callers...
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