Customer Queuing Systems

Topics: Service system, Customer service, Service Pages: 4 (1153 words) Published: April 25, 2012
The Customer Queuing Systems

Luis A. Alvarado
Business 425
Instructor Dr. Bates
March 17, 2012

In this essay, two companies will be identified and described on how they utilize a queuing system. Only two of the four most basic waiting line structures will be discussed: single-server and multiple-server waiting lines. Since waiting is an integral part of many service related operations, it is an important area of analysis. Each queue system has its advantages and disadvantages, but with no doubt each company’s goal is to cut down on the waiting time and that customer returns. In particular, we examine their implementation of both processes and try to find solutions to improve the waiting line process.

The Customer Queuing Systems

Waiting in line is a common occurrence in our everyday life. It is well known that most activities in which a service is provided require customers to wait in a queue during the experience (Cope, Cope III, Bass, & Syrdal, 2011, p. 13). Not all companies utilize the same queuing process due to the nature of the service facilities. The degree of contact between the customer and service provider has an impact on how individual services are designed and delivered (Russell & Taylor III, 2011, p. 195). For example, Home Depot utilizes the single-server waiting line process. On the other hand, United States Postal Service (USPS) uses the multiple-server waiting line structure. This two waiting line structures will be the focus of our discussion. Like any other system they all have their advantages and disadvantages. In a waiting line system, managers must decide what level of service to offer. Decisions about waiting lines and the management of waiting lines are based on these averages for customer arrivals and service times (Russell & Taylor, 2011, p. 200). Therefore, improvements are required to reduce customer wait times. One company that uses one of the queuing systems is Home...

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