Customer Perception of Private Label Brands at Big Bazaar

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4.1 Statement of problem
The study was conducted to identify the customer perception about the private label brands at the Big bazaar. The study was limited to the private label brands in the food, apparels and the electronics section. The research was mainly conducted to identify various factors which influenced the buying behaviour of the private label brands. The study also intended to identify the demand for certain products which the customers would prefer to buy if included in the private label category. The main objective of the study was to identify various factors which adversely affect the sale of private label brands and to suggest an idea to increase the sale of private label brands. 4.4 Scope of study

The strategy for planning private label brands has got a wider scope. It helps the manufacturer or retailer to produce goods according to the needs of the people. The retailer can concentrate those areas where the customer would like to down trade. The study mainly aims at identifying the spending pattern of the public, i.e the commonly purchased goods by a customer. The study also helps to establish a relationship between the various demographic which is repeatedly performed by people belonging to the same location or area of interest. The study also throws light on certain areas where they would like to implement the private brands. The study also helps in maintaining optimum level of inventory so as to meet the demand. The study also helps to improve on those area where it fails to meet customer expectations. 4.5 Objectives

The various objectives of the study are
To identify and study about various departments within the organization and its functioning. To research about the strategy adopted by Big Bazaar to promote their private label brands. To identify various parameters which influence the customer’s buying behaviour. To identify other products which could make successful private label brands. To suggest certain ideas which could increase the sale of the private label brands 4.6 Methodology

The method adopted by the study is simple random survey. The data is collected by conducting a customer survey. Customers being the end users of the product , the study yields a true picture about the actual demand of a commodity and it’s growth in the future. 4.7 Sources of data

The data required for the study is collected from primary source as well as secondary source. The primary data is the data collected for the first time through observation and interview or questionnaire method. The primary data is collected by observing the functioning of various departments. The primary data can also be collected by interacting with the managers and the staff of various departments. The secondary data is also collected by secondary sources. Secondary sources include data collected from company manual, product brochure, company website and annual report. Population and sampling

Population is the superset of people under study. Thus population according to this study will be the entire customer strength of the Big Bazaar. The sample is the sub set of the population under study. The study was conducted during a period of April 19- April 26. The sample used in this research study will be the customers who had responded to the questionnaires. The sample size or the total number of customers who responded the survey is 100. Data collection

The data used for analysis and interpretation is collected using questionnaires. The questions are framed in a specific manner so that a continuity is maintained in the paper which favors free flow of information whose accuracy can be maintained. The data is collected by surveying the customers who walk in to the store and are asked to grade various parameters in the questionnaire. The customers are allowed to think freely without any interruption from the person who is carrying out the survey. Chapter 5...
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