Customer-Oriented Strategic Plan

Topics: Strategy, Health care, Customer service Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: November 7, 2013
Customer-Oriented Strategic Plan

In the business world, successful businesses listen to their customers’ voices and strive to provide exceptional customers’ services.  This practice may not be widely accepted in the healthcare industry.  Articulate at least two customer-oriented elements when developing a strategic plan for a 250-bed community hospital. Exceptional customer service is vital to any type of business. However, this is especially important in an environment where people especially sick people are at your door sick and are as are feeling bad and are looking for help from our hospital or doctor’s office. As Hillestad & Berkowitz, (2004), states “Marketing is about listening carefully to customers, understanding their needs, and providing the best possible service to meet those needs before implementing tactics” (pg. 9). It is very important to have the hospital’s mission statement, the vision on what the goals are for the hospital, and the values to reveal what is expected from our employees. The hospital expects our employees to care for the patients and more than the customers’ needs, we need to makes sure the family is respected and is looked after as well. If the hospital has a good human resource department, the training would be first and foremost customer first in their customer-oriented component and this would included in the strategic plan for a 250-bed hospital. By emphasizing the importance of the hospital’s mission of having a patient front and centered and respecting their customs traditions and culture. However, I have to say that I have forgotten some of the rules and material of my orientation so I have classes set up to help refresh the material that was gone over at the initial orientation meeting. There would be continually training every quarter if not sooner depending on the problems being reported. In addition, there will be customer service surveys being given out to the patients to rate the quality of care they received...
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