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Customer satisfaction
Nokia aims to provide products and services which meet the needs of trade customers and consumers. We research the views of both groups to understand where we are succeeding and how we can do better. Trade customers

We research trade customers’ views of Nokia through the Listening to Trade Customers survey. This is carried out twice a year on our behalf by an independent research company, and aims to reach executive and operational contacts in customers who account for about 80% of Nokia’s revenue each year. In 2007 we surveyed almost 1000 individuals, from nearly 400 customers in 80 countries. The response rate was 75%. The responses showed satisfaction with Nokia at the highest level since we began this kind of survey in 1998. Comparison with others in our industry placed us in the top 10% of telecommunications companies globally and ahead of key mobile competitors Sony Ericsson, Samsung and Motorola. Satisfaction varied by distribution channel, which also influenced geographical scores. Distributors were most satisfied with Nokia, and Operator Groups were the most demanding. The research revealed the following Nokia strengths driving customer satisfaction: •Diversity of product range

Relationships with our account teams
Nokia Account Managers discussed the initial survey results with their teams and customers, and then took action relevant to each account. We used the consolidated feedback to understand where systematic improvements are needed. The main areas are shown in the table, together with our plans for improvement. Customer commentOur response

Logistics was perceived well overall but there was potential for improvement in the ability to meet customization requirements and product deliveries during product ramp-up and launchWe are acting in these areas to ensure best availability in the industry to consumers and to make Nokia our trade customers’ preferred partner. Relationships with our Account Teams were...
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