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Little Book Of


Case studies and tips to
understand, engage and
retain your customers

Generating loyal customers is more important now
than ever. Not only are loyal customers a great source
of steady income for your company (as well as a great
source of word of mouth marketing!), retaining your
loyal customer is cheaper and more cost effective
than identifying and targeting new customers.
However, the rise of the internet has made it harder
than ever for you company to generate these allimportant loyal customers. The modern day customer has the power to buy what they want, when they
want it, from whichever company they like.

4 » Introduction

Let the pricing war ensue? I think not. Maintain and
nurture your existing customer base to protect your
company from this rat race.
In this book you’ll find case studies and tips from
some of the biggest brands in Loyalty. Why not apply
as many as you can to your business?

Alina Fisher
Tel +44 (0) 207 092 1156

Introduction « 5

loyalty tips

Generate lasting loyalty by...

Loyalty is…
Jan-Pieter Lips
Job title
Regional President EMEA

6 » Loyalty Tips

“If you want emotional loyalty, you need to look at
fundamental customer needs and those haven’t
changed for a long time.”
“We help big companies do things that were natural
when they were a smaller company – when they might
know the customer’s name and know want they like.
It would be a very personal relationship. We help
companies get some of that back.”

1 Give rewards. “It really still works. Customers like getting points. It gives them a reason
to go to one store versus another.”
2 Make communication much more relevant. “Don’t send everyone the same offer and
message. It makes promotions much more targeted and effective and the waste goes
3 Use data and your communications to create a better customer experience. “Grocery
companies use data to make sure they’re putting the right products on the shelves.
Customers go online and the list of products they regularly buy is there. It gives
customers a reason not to want to switch.”

Build digital loyalty by...
1 Create more interaction and personal interaction. “In the best examples brands are
communicating with customers in a tone and style that fits the channel, not necessarily
that of the customer service department. You have to make sure you have the capacity
to respond and react.”
2 Integration. “Whether people go to the Nectar website or Facebook, it doesn’t matter
where they interact, be available where the customer wants to be.” 3 Stay true to your brand and what customers would expect of you on social media.
“With Nectar we believe if customers go to the trouble of being our friend on Facebook
they want to get ideas, more points.”

Loyalty Tips « 7

case study

Simple success
British Gas has undertaken a number of initiatives to make their services easier for customers and one of the ways has been redesigning the bill. “If you put up the old bill versus the new one they are light years apart in terms of look and feel and ease of navigation,” said Pam.

Loyalty is...
Pam Conway
Job title
Director of P&L Marketing
and Loyalty
British Gas

“Deliver a consistently excellent customer experience.
Add on a layer of value that is above and beyond
expectations, and finally reward.”

The redesign included a dedicated ‘Can I save money?’ section showing how they can keep bills down with energy efficiency advice or details of other tariffs. Key information can be seen at a glance in a defined area including the amount owed, payment deadline and amount of energy used.

It was designed in conjunction with members of the British Gas Customer Board and...
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