Customer Feedback Management: Its Effects on Quality of Service Delivery in Mcdonald's Recto Outlet

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Customer Feedback Management: Its Effects on Quality of Service Delivery in McDonald’s Recto Outlet

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement
in BUS 6J53

A Research Proposal
Presented by

Group 4 Members:

Corral, Melissa
De Villa, Mark Elli
Park, Jongyoung
San Antonio, Honeyjoie
Supleo, Geraldine

September 2010


Accomplishing such research paper would not be possible without the guidance and help of other people who gave their full support and assistance during the making of the research work. First, the researchers would like to thank Almighty God who granted them the gift of wisdom giving them skills. Second, to their parents who supported them financially, to the school librarian who provided them the materials needed in the research paper, and to the authors of the book who shared informative details with regards to the effect of the Customer Feedback Management in the Quality of Service Delivery of McDonald’s. Lastly, the researchers would like to thank their consultant, Dr. Rachel Alvendia-Quero, who guided and assisted them throughout the research making.

Table of Contents
Research Title
Chapter I: The Problem and Its Background
Background of the Study
Statement of the Problem
Scope and Delimitation
Significance of the Study
Conceptual / Theoretical Framework
Definition of Terms
Chapter II: Review of Related Literature
Chapter III: Methodology

Chapter I
The Problem and Its Background
This study aims to know how customer feedback affects the service delivery of fast food chains. As a common knowledge, customer feedback management is vital to making a business work. Customers are the heart of an operation; without them, it would be impossible to have any of the success that a business would do. Customer feedback can be an excellent way to keep the business going in a positive direction.  Customers’ expectations play a pivotal role in judging a company’s service. Customers assess service quality by comparing what they want or expect with what they perceive they are getting. To earn a reputation for quality service, companies must consistently perform at levels customers perceive as meeting or surpassing their expectations. Customers are the sole judges of service quality. Management may think the company’s service is fine, but if customers disagree, the company has a problem that the discrepancy between expectations and perceptions is the primary determinant of customer service delivery assessments is widely accepted in the literature. Generally, customer feedback management refers to “a system of processes and software that enables the organizations to centrally manage deployment of surveys while dispersing, authoring, and analysis throughout an organization”( Receiving customer feedback is important for any successful business. It's good for the bottom line to see operations from a customer's perspective. It's just as important to manage that feedback as to receive it. Although it takes time and effort to remedy some issues customers may have, properly handling compliments and complaints will tie directly into the business’ profits.

Background of the Study
This research proposal focuses on how feedbacks work for the quality of service delivery of a restaurant. The effect of feedbacks can be determined when the customer are willing to share their opinion about the service that they got from the restaurant. For better understanding about feedback management, actionable insights that enable companies to improve marketing and customer...
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