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International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management Emerald Article: Customer complaint behaviour towards hotel restaurant services Vincent C.S. Heung, Terry Lam

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Customer complaint behaviour towards hotel restaurant services

Vincent C.S. Heung School of Hotel and Tourism Management, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Kowloon, Hong Kong Terry Lam School of Hotel and Tourism Management, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Kowloon, Hong Kong


Complaints, Consumer behaviour, Demographics, Hotels, Hong Kong

Customer satisfaction has long been a matter for concern and attention by hotel restaurant managers. Barlow (1996) stated that keeping customers satisfied is vitally important for hotel restaurants to generate revenues. To achieve a high level of customer satisfaction, it is important to meet customer expectations. However, it is sometimes difficult to realize what customers expect unless they wish to feedback their opinions to the restaurants. Customer feedback is available in many forms, and complaints are the most useful and meaningful source of information to improve customer satisfaction (Sanes, 1993). In a well-developed country, or a city like Hong Kong, most people are already well educated and informed of their rights as a consumer, and able to complain through various channels to restaurant managers, hotel management, and the media. Academic researchers have focused on studies of customer complaint behaviour (CCB) in recent years (e.g. Rogers et al., 1992). It has been found that if CCB is not recognized and customer complaints are not handled properly, the bad consequences may be far-reaching. Dissatisfied customers will not only give up patronage, but are also likely to spread a bad message jeopardizing the company's image (Lewis, 1983). Given the huge cost of losing a customer that outweighs the cost of making corrections or any resolutions in handling complaints, it becomes critically important for hotel restaurant managers to understand customer complaint behavour in hotel restaurants, and the relationship between such complaint behaviour and customer demographic characteristics such as age, gender and education levels. The Emerald Research Register for this journal is available at...
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