Customer Awareness and Preference

Topics: Customer relationship management, Customer service, Sales force management system Pages: 3 (564 words) Published: May 27, 2013


1) Name :
Age :
Gender :
Educational qualification:
2) In which part of the city you are coming from
(a) Chennai (b) Madurai (c) Trichy (d) Kovai (e) Other areas 3) What are the factors influencing to buy a car in Susee auto? (a) Trust worthiness (b) Goodwill for the particular showroom (c) Dealer’s dedication (d) Own wish.

4) Do u satisfied that “susee automotive” meet your needs and expectation regarding their sale and services? (a) Highly satisfied (b) Satisfied (c) Neutral (d) Dissatisfied (e) Highly dissatisfied. 5) Are you satisfied with the customer awareness responsiveness of “Susee automotive pvt, ltd? (a) Highly satisfied (b) Satisfied (c) Neutral (d) Dissatisfied (e) highly dissatisfied.

6) Do you think, the company gives much importance to customer’s awareness? (a) Yes (b) No
7) “Creating customer awareness, increase the value/goodwill for the particular company” Do you agree the statement?
(a) Yes (b) No
8) What kind of monetary offers do u expect from dealers?
(a) Free insurance (b) Special discount on scale of car’s (c) Extending the service period (d) Finance availability with 0% interest.
9) What are the non-monetary offers do you prefer from the dealer? (a) Information about new cars (b) Information about service and mileage’s (c) Assistance regarding loans and insurance (d) Understanding customer’s needs. 10) Where do you get your car serviced regularly?

(a) At authorized service centre (b) At a local workshop near my home. 11) Do you satisfied with the service quality of “susee automotive” (a) Highly satisfied (b) Satisfied (c) Neutral (d) Dissatisfied (e) Highly dissatisfied.

12) Is your complaints and problems...
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