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“One world, One Burger”- McDonald’s



McDonald’s India
• Locally owned global company
Hardcastle Restaurants ->Amit Jatai (West/South) Connaught Plaza Restaurants ->Vikram Bakshi (North/East)

• In 1996, opened first outlet in New Delhi • 250 restaurants, serving 6.5 lakhs customers daily • Provides employment to 10,000 plus people

McDonald’s Promise





McDonald’s Values
We place the customer experience at the core of all we do We are committed to our people

We grow our business profitably

We give back to our communities

We believe in the McDonald’s System

We operate our business ethically


Cultural Sensitive
• Indianization of menu • First beef-less and pork-less menu in the world • Egg-less sauces • Physical separation of veg and non-veg products

throughout the supply chain

• Ranked 15th in the India's 100 Most valuable brands study done by 4P's

magazine (credited by ICMR)
• Ranked 3rd in Food Service Brands in India, 2011 (survey done in

association with Nielsen)
• Awarded trophy for Happy Price Menu and McSpicy Premium range at

the AD Club's Effie Awards, 2011
• Awarded the following by McDonald's Corporation

Award for highest growth in comp sales Award for Brand Trust Awards for Profitability

Latest News
• Major expansion plans: • Open its first out in J&K, Coimbatore • Major up scaling in west and south India • 500 cr investment, 40-50 outlets to be opened every year • McEgg and McValue lunch launched with much funfare • Target Adults: • Introduce sober colours • Do away with the legendary mascot “Ronald McDonald’s” • Nail found in a burger at Malad outlet • Lawsuit expected

Media Strategy
• Focused more on electronic media • Ads talk about emotions, family ties, and fun, and all

these have high visual appeal
• They don’t use print media

Ad Campaign Launched
• ‘McDonald’s mein hai kuch baat’- encourage people to visit them, they tried to move on making McDonald’s a regular experience

• ‘Toh aaj McDonald’s ho jaye’- everyday experience, encouraging the customers to visit regularly • ‘I’m lovin’ it’- campaign was carried out all over the world, yielded high increase in revenue(15% in India)

I Love Children

I Have Gifts For them, They Can play Games also

Creativity At Its Best


SWOT Analysis
STRENGTHS Brand Equity world-wide Consistency of food Successful items Promotions Balance sheet position OPPORTUNITIES International expansion Only serving 1% of the world’s population Growing dining-out market

WEAKNESSES Weak product development Quality and taste of products

THREATS Mature/overstored industry Strength of competition More health-conscious consumers Fluctuation of foreign exchange rates

Porter's Generic Strategies

Porter's Forces
Threat of New Entrants - Low Customer Bargaining Power - High Threat of substitutes - High Bargaining Power of Suppliers - Low • Current fast food sector is already crowded. Most of the major food chains are operating here. So, the impact of a new entrant will not be very high.

• Lot many choices. More the variety, better it is for the customer. • Low switching cost.

• Low differentiation with other products. • Brand loyalty missing.

• Choices available when suppliers are concerned.


Demographic segmentation Psychographic segmentation Behavioral segmentation

Target Group
School kids College students Young working professionals Parents

Mode of Survey


Field Visit



Brand Value
• Synonym with Fast Food Joint:
86% chose McDonalds as one of their top three choices
100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 First Choice Second Choice Thrid Choice

Others Subway Pizza Hut Dominos KFC McDonalds

Eating Pattern
Preference Frequency of eating at...
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