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Activity 1
Q1 what is a customer and who are the customers for your organization? Ans.Everyone in the organization is customer .Internal customer service must be of high quality so that service to external customers reflects the internal working of the organization .This applies whether your external customers are end –users /consumers or on seller.

Q2.Why is it necessary for organization to investigate, identify, assess and include the needs of clients /customers in planning processes and how can they do this? Ans. Successful organizations are customer driven. They can spend time and effort finding out who their customers and what the needs, wants and expectations of their customers are. The market can determine what the manufacturer producers or the retailer’s sells and information collected from customers provides the basis for the focus for all organization activities. They can go directly to your customers for the information you need-for up to date information, at customer priorities likes and dislikes, purchasing intensions, value you should offer to customers. Internal and external client /customer data helps the organization discovers new opportunities verify the extent of a problem, better understand how products and services are used, prevent problems that impact the client/customer, and priorities work. Understanding customer needs helps define new market opportunities and drive innovation and revenue growth every aspect of the organization. Q3 Develop and document on behalf of an organization for which you do or might work a detailed process whereby it will be possible to investigate ,identify, assess and include the needs of customers in planning process. Answer. Customers needs must be properly identified, assessed planned for and catered for .This means that when developing business, strategic and operational plans ,the focus must be on the client /customers and meeting client needs. 1.Identify the benefits associated with your products and determine the ways in which these will or can be made to meet customers’ needs. 2. The reason why customers buy are usually logical from their product from the point of view, and might on the surface not make much sense to you. Most buying dicecisions are multi caused and sometimes the decisions seem trivial. 2. Customers but when they want to, not necessarily when you want then to.Analysing customers and their purchase can sometimes allow you to determine buying patterns that you can use t o provide opportunities for sales.

Activity 2
Q1 How can quality ,time and cost requirements be balanced?
There are three factors in product development that remain in constant tension: Cost, quality, and time. For the sake of this discussion, quality shall mean the Number of features a product is to have, and their depth, usability, and polish. The cost of a given project is usually computed by enumerating its features, and The time it will take to implement them. Likewise, the number of features and their depth of quality and usability are limited by finances and time. The amount of time a project will take is a direct result of the feature set, and the amount of money the company is willing to spend. Since these factors have a direct relationship, when you attempt to adjust any one of them, the other two feel the effect. You can’t reduce the cost without sacrificing features or deadlines. You can’t increase features without incurring extra costs and time spent. You can’t reduce time to meet a market window without reducing features or increasing costs.

Decision makers have an unsavory habit of trying to own all three factors, leaving product developers to make bricks without straw. When decision makers dictate the cost, the feature set, and the market window, developers are left to try to make it all fit but without any of the controlling factors under their power. Oftentimes decision makers don’t have all the information available to dictate these three...
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