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University of International Business and Economics

2014-2015 学年第 1 学期


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2012 级营销等

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授 课 院系 国际商学院营销学系
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2014 年 8 月 20 日

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Consumer behavior has been becoming an increasingly important part of marketing. Therefore, it is highly necessary for the business students to understand why and how consumers make their purchase decisions. The objective of this course is to not only introduce basic principles of the discipline to you, but also help you make more effective marketing strategies.


Internal factors that influence consumer behavior
External factors that influence consumer behavior
Consumer decision making process
Marketing applications

Consumer Behavior, 9th Edition, Leon G. Schiffman & Leslie Lazar Kanuk, 清华大学出版社, 2009
Corresponding Chinese Version:
消费者行为学(第 10 版)

消费者行为学(英文版,原书第 11 版),霍金斯,马瑟斯博,符国群注,机械工业出版社, 2011
消费者行为学,李东进,机械工业出版社,2007 迈克尔·R·所罗门、卢泰宏,杨晓燕,消费者行为学(第 8 版)中国版,中国人民大学出 版社,2009
战略品牌管理,凯文·莱恩·凯勒,中国人民大学出版社,2009 Journal of Marketing
Harvard Business Review

Quizzes /Participation
Case Analysis (teamwork)
Topic Discussion/Report (teamwork)
Final Examination



Rules for Attendance
1. Every attendee must be punctual for every lesson, being sure not to be late, and not to leave before class ends.
2. By UIBE rules, deduction from the final grade shall be made for absence from class. A student is no longer entitled to the final examination if he/she has been absent, for whatever reasons given, for over one third of the total class hours, or absent without any notice for over 6 hours. 3. Students must be attentive in class hours; eating and chatting whatever irrelevant to the lesson are not allowed.

4. During class hours, everyone in class must make sure his/her mobile phone is either off or mute.

Study Group
The class is to be divided into several study groups. Each group should consist of no more than 5 students. Students are not allowed to change their groups during the semester. Each student should actively participate in all assigned teamwork.

Grading of the teamwork will be based upon the following factors: 

evidence of wide reading on and around the issue;
ability to integrate readings and discussion with your own views; a critical evaluation of the topic and issues relevant to it; conceptual understanding demonstrated;
originality of ideas;
the overall organization and style;
in-class presentation.

Topic Discussion (Teamwork)
Choose one of the discussion topics in advance with the permission of lecturer. You are required to present the discussion results in the class in 12 minutes. In addition, you should hand in a brief written report with no more than 2000 words after presentation. Your results should be based on your primary research (at least 5 possible target consumers) and secondary research. Contents of presentation, communication skills, and logic of summary are basic considerations. NOTE: Materials in the topic presentation should be relevant, not controversial and no sex appeal in the class. If there exist above and other controversial problems, the lecturer has the right to end the presentation.

There are 2 quiz-exercises during the semester. Students are required to submit the filled in 2

quizzes on TAS before the due time. Any late exercises are not accepted.

Case Analysis
Each team is required to submit a report of case analysis in 2000 words on due time and discuss it in class by requirement.

Requirements for Home Work

All submitted paper work should be typed, and in A4, single-spaced, 12 font size. And it must include footnotes and a bibliography. All the paper work should be submitted both...
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