Cursive Writing is Part of a Balanced Education

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Cursive Writing Instruction Must Continue in Ohio Schools
Veronica Brown
Shawnee State University

Author Note
Veronica Brown, Department of English 1105, Melissa Green, Shawnee State University.

This is a proposal about keeping cursive writing in Ohio schools. Both the Ohio State Board of Education, director Ron Rudduck and Ohio lawmakers, like Ohio Senate President Ken Faber need to come together with the Ohio Assembly and make it mandatory to keep cursive writing instruction in Ohio schools. This proposal will help the Ohio State Board of Education and State law makers see that Ohio students and teachers will benefit from keeping cursive writing instruction going in our schools. The proposal will take an inside look at what teachers think about cursive writing and how we can help teachers and students in this debate. There are many scientific studies and some surveys we will look at. Also listed are some of the benefits of cursive writing. This proposal is very simple an effective solution.

Here is the problem. Cursive writing instruction is no longer required to be taught in schools. But cursive writing is still being used every day. This is real world education used in real world time. When you go to the bank there is business to conduct. Such as purchasing a home, automobile, any type of loan. Insurance policies or contracts like rental agreements and the list goes on. They still require you to print your name and then sign your signature. Just opening a bank account requires signatures. Then to make a withdrawal requires a signature. Using a debit or credit card requires a signature. Checking into a hotel requires a signature. Yes, we are now at the point of having electronic signatures at hospitals and for tax preparation in some instances, but it first requires the person to give at least the first signature. UPS, FedEx, the U.S. Post Office requires a signature for receiving some services. A state issued driver’s license requires a signature on it. So are we telling every business in America that they have to change the way they do business because technology takes up to much time and we don’t have the time to spend an average 15 minutes a day for second and third graders to learn cursive writing (Blazer,2010, p. 5). What then will businesses do when this generation gets to the career stage and they need to hire people and those people can no longer verify signatures and read a post it from a superior or research in the courthouse using older documents. The scholars say future historical document research accuracy is compromised without cursive writing instruction (Blazer, 2010, p. 2). Technology has been changing for years, but cursive writing weather people admit it or not they use cursive every day to sign their name for a business transaction. We already have a huge identity theft problem around the world. That has increased with the use of technology. Verifying personal information and requiring signatures can go electronic, but maybe cursive writing instruction should not be taken away and replaced solely with print and technology. Just as checks and balances in our government keep things in lines. A personal signature plus a printed signature is better. Or what about the person on the other side of the business that needs to be able to verify that this person’s identity is authentic and secure. So do people really expect to compromise cursive writing to change everything over to print? Children are being short changed. Yes, they need technology that is not the issue. Everyone know technology is the future, but until we can be absolutely certain these students will never have to sign their signatures to a document of some kind or read cursive from a future employer or have the ability to read cursive in some career field these students still need to be instructed on cursive writing. Technology has been around since the first...
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