Cursing: Profanity and Younger Generations Media

Topics: Profanity / Pages: 3 (568 words) / Published: Oct 23rd, 2011
The Purpose of Cursing

Language speaking has always been a way for people to express themselves and their thoughts. Every individual has their own way of speaking and their own way of using it to let others know their point of view, so that people can hear them. Language is always developing and evolving throughout time, no matter which tongue you speak. New words are added to the dictionary yearly, and some words seem to be more significant of a use than others. The popularity of particular words has created so many different uses and definitions for them. The ever so common curse words have become a sensation upon every dialect speaker. The diverse use of these words has spread across the world, and people are not being shy about using them. Swearing has become publicly used, and broadcasted, globally via all media connections. From comedians on television to radio hosts on the morning radio, it seems every person if expressing their use for these words. As profanity grows more common to daily life, the use of it is more often used with the expanding media. Varying in so many media communications, the effects of those words can cause more damage than expected, as the chances of the younger youth following the trend are also much greater. Allowing swear words to be used so commonly, and broadcasted worldwide, is almost saying that it's okay for anybody to use these words anywhere, anytime. Children need to be protected from such vulgarity, so that they can preserve their innocence for as long as possible. Having profanity used so regularly brings up a lot of concern about how much more it could be used, making it seem okay to bring into younger and younger generations media. One day on television, a child might be watching Barney and the next thing they hear him say might be how "good of a f------ day" he's having. With the profanity becoming so common, who knows how far any media technology will go to fit in with the growing trend. People all over the

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