Curse of Technology

Topics: Computer, Konrad Zuse, Technology Pages: 3 (961 words) Published: March 15, 2012
The Curse and Blessing of the Technological Discovery of the Computer

Computers are now used by almost everyone, every day in the United States for various purposes. This innovation has evolved and can accomplish anything from writing sociology papers, to Facebook, to sending an email, or shopping online. This technology has significantly impacted the lives of many, but for better or worse? As we progress technologically, it is hard to tell when we go too far, and whether or not advances are positive or not. Primarily, computers seem to be a helpful and ideal tool for everyday work. Invented in 1936, by Konrad Zuse, the computer has grown to a popular item used for adults and kids for work, school, and fun. This technology makes it simpler to communicate between co-workers to get work done more efficiently using email, and also has features such as softwares to create documents, charts, and presentations. Using this system is a professional way to organize and present ideas in the work force. Laptops and desktops are used in schools as well as school boards see the value in furthering technology use. They can be used as tools for aid to teachers when they can’t always help every student. Now students can do own research and start to learn on their own. Advancements for computers have made school work easier as students can research using the internet as an almost infinite source of information. Not only are computers helpful in getting work done, but are used for personal enjoyment. These machines allow access to games, online shopping, social networking, and the opportunity to explore the world all from your own seat. More uses of computers are the serious aspects they help. Military often rely on the use of communication and technology of computers for safety. Computers also help bring the news back to us as we can watch on our own screens. Computers could be saving lives. Plus, computers save paper; computers save trees. Technology like computers has...
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