Curry and Wheel Chair

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2) analyse the potential effects of barriers to equality and inclusion in own area of responsibility:   
Once when I was working as a senior carer on shift, there was a music activity that was going to be held during the shift. The activity person was going to be playing English music due to the fact that he was an English musician himself. The potential effects of barriers to equality and inclusion were that there were a few Asians, who could not speak English or understand. What I had thought of was emptying the smoke lounge and putting some Indian music on for the Asian individuals. By promoting this I was not letting the Asian individuals feel left out. There were a couple of non-Asian individuals who wanted to join in also listening to the same Indian music. That was a factor showing that equality and inclusion were being involved in this activity. I had thought of having a staff meeting to encourage the other carers to put on the Asian radio stations to promote equality, and also to putting on some tv soap serials that were Asian. This way equality was being promoted on a daily basis

3) analyse the impact of legislation and policy initiatives on the promotion of equality diversity and inclusion in own area of responsibility: Once during shift whilst carrying my duties being the senior it was tea time. During tea time everyone was served in the dining room. That day we had a new individual who was hoisted and assisted in a wheel chair. The individual refused to go in the dining room. When asked he would not respond to what was being asked? The carers were confused as to what to do. I remember whilst reading this individuals care plan that this individual was ashamed of being assisted in a wheel chair due to the fact that this individual was a soldier and was very independent. To put the legislation on the promotion of equality...
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