Curriculum Vitae of Jose Rizal

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Calle Real,
Calamba, Laguna

Calle Real,
Calamba, Laguna

Curriculum Vitae


Full Name: Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda
Sex: Male
Place/Date of Birth: Calamba, Laguna/ June 19,1861
Religion: Roman Catholic
Marital Status: Single
Address: Calle Real, Calamba, Laguna Philippines
Mother’s Name: Teodora Alonzo y Quintos
Father’s Name: Francisco Mercado Rizal


* FilipinoCatalanItalianIlokano
* SpanishChineseMalayanDutch
* FrenchEnglishPortuguese
* LatinGermanRussian
* GreekHebrewSanskrit
* ArabicJapaneseSwedish


1869 - 1872 Biñan, Calamba
Under Maestro Justiniano Aquino Cruz 1872 - 1877 Ateneo Municipal. Manila
Elemntary to High School
1877 – 1880Ateneo Municipal. Manila
Land Sureying
1877 - 1878 University of Santo Tomas. ManilaPhilosophy [Cosmology, Theodicy, Metaphysics, History of Philosophy]
1878 – 1879Preparatory Course in Medicine
1879 – 1882Faculty of Medicine and Surgery
1882 – 1884Univesidad Central de Madrid
[License in Medicine. 1884]
[PhD in Philosophy and Letters. 1885]
1885 - 1886 University of Paris
1886 – 1887 University of Heidelberg
[PhD in Ophthalmology. 1887]


1877 - 1878 Ateneo Municipal
Sobresaliente. Agrimensor y Perito Tasador de Tierras. [Land Surveying Course].
1878 - 1881University of Santo Tomas
Acto Metafisica. Metaphysics.
Sobresaliente. In the four Philosophy Subjects.
Sobresaliente. Advances Chemistry, Therapeutics,
Medical Matter and Art of Prescribing.
1879“A La Juventud Filipina”. First Prize in Liceo Artistico
Literario de Manila
1880“El Consejo de los Dioses”. First Prize in Liceo
Artistico Literario de Manila

1890La Solidaridad
Master Mason by Le Grand Orient de France in Paris.


* AgriculturistConchologistLinguistPoet
* AnthropologistEthnologistOphthalmologistPropagandist * ArcheologistHistorianPharmacologistResearcher
* BotanistIchthyologistPhilosopherScientist
* CartograoherJournalistPhysicianSociologist


1885 - 1886Assistant to Dr. Louis de Wecker. Paris
1886 - 1887University Eye Hospital under the direction of Dr. Otto Becker.
Heidelberg, Germany
1887Training in Dr. Javier Galezowsky’s Clinic in Germany
Assistant in the clinic of Dr. Karl Ernest Scweigger. Berlin 1887 – 1888Medical Practice at Calamba
1889 – 1896Journalist. La Solidaridad. Spain
1891 - 1892Medical Practice at Hongkong
1892 – 1896Medical Practice at Dapitan
1896Volunteered Physician at Cuba


1883Masonic Order affliated with Lodge Acacia. Madrid
Propaganda Movement. La Solidaridad
1887Anthropological Society, the Ethnological Society, and the Geographical Society. Berlin 1892Founded La Liga Flipina. Manila


May 3, 1882Singapore via steamer Salvadora
May 17 -18, 1882Point Galle and Colombo Ceylon via steamsip Djemnah
1882Aden to Red Sea Terminal of Suez Canal
June 11, 1882Naples via steamship Djemnah
June 12, 1882Marseilles via steamship Djemnah
June 16, 1882Barcelona, Spain via railway
November 3, 1882Madrid, Spain
June 1883, 1885Paris, Italy
1885,1887Berlin, Germany
February 3, 1886Heidelberg, Germany
August 14, 1886Leipzig, Germany
October 29, 1886Dresden, Germany
May 13, 1887Grand Tour to Europé with Maximo Viola via railroad arriving at Leitmeritz, Bohemia.
May 20, 1887Vienna, Austria
May 24, 1887Lintz via river boat traveling from Salzburg and from there to Munich. From Munich they went...

References: Rizal in Saga by Nick Joaquin. 1996
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