curriculum theory

Topics: Language education, Language acquisition, Teaching English as a foreign language Pages: 2 (1047 words) Published: September 29, 2014
Jenieca Citra Marilla BSE-2A

Curriculum as the body of knowledge to be transmitted.
Many people still equate a curriculum with a syllabus. "Syllabus" originates from the Greek, and it basically means: a concise statement, the contents of a treatise, and the subjects of a series of lectures. In the form that many of us are familiar with it is connected with courses leading to examinations. Where people still equate curriculum with a syllabus, they are likely to limit their planning to a consideration of the content or the body of knowledge that they wish to transmit. Curriculum as approach in Language teaching

1. Grammar-translation approach - In this method, classes are taught in the students' mother tongue, with little active use of the target language. 2. Direct approach - This approach was developed initially as a reaction to the grammar-translation approach in an attempt to integrate more use of the target language in instruction. 3. Reading approach - The approach is mostly for people who do not travel abroad for whom reading is the one usable skill in a foreign language. 4. Audio lingual method - This method is based on the principles of behavior psychology. 5. Community language learning - This approach is patterned upon counseling techniques and adapted to the peculiar anxiety and threat as well as the personal and language problems a person encounters in the learning of foreign languages. 6. Suggestopedia - This method developed out of believe that human brain could process great quantities of material given the right conditions of learning like relaxation. 7. The silent way - This method begins by using a set of colored wooden rods and verbal commands 8. Total physical response - method as one that combines information and skills through the use of the kinesthetic sensory system. 9. The natural way - This method emphasized development of basic personal communication skills 10. Communicative language teaching - The method...
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