Current Trends in Tourism

Topics: Low-cost carrier, Airline, Tourism Pages: 3 (810 words) Published: November 7, 2012
Tourism industry is one of the most dynamic and fast developing sector which has a huge impact on economy. This sector is significantly effected by global economy therefore tourism and travelling also move downward in case of crisis in the financial circumstances. In this essay I would like to present some examples, how tourism has been effected by crisis in the main Arabic countries and Greece. Besides, it will be outined how airlines sector has been changed in the last five years.

In 2010, there was some critical point as disturbances and civil war in significant tourism destination such Egypt or Tunisia. These countries most considerable income comes from tourism but obviously lack of tourists can cause an economy crisis. Although these countries lost their visitors but other Eurasian countries (for instance Turkey) made profit because those tourist who prefer to visit that region choosen Turkish-Riviera which is safer than Arabic languague areas with similar conditions. However, Turkey made a profit by the the political crisis in Egypt. Egypt's neighbours - for example Libya and Israel - had loss too,since many tour operators had organised combined tours to these countries and that tours were cancelled, consequently the loss increased. By summer of 2012, the politics situation became stabled and some part of these regions got back their popularity especially the Red-sea coast and Sinai.

Also, there are some difficulties in the Europien market. Between 2009-2012 Europe continued its struggle for surviving, mostly one of the main mediterranean destination, Greece. The crisis has become deeper and painful. Tourism is incredibly important for Greece, for the main profit comes from tourism and catering consequently they can not loose this significant income. Due to crisis some advantages came up for the visitors. The economy situation has helped push down the value of the Euro, making to Greece relatively cheaper for Americans or other foreign...
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