Current Trends in Internet Marketing

Topics: Marketing, Internet marketing, Search engine marketing Pages: 3 (942 words) Published: February 20, 2010
Internet marketing involves the usage of the Internet to market and sell goods or services. In this thesis we wished to seek answers for the following questions with the help of web, email surveys taking into consideration consumer perspective, company perspective and 3rd party internet marketing agency perspective. Our survey sample was based on a small set of companies, consumers and internet marketing agencies. The survey results helped us in predicting the trends in internet marketing. We were able to obtain responses to surveys only from consumers and companies and not from 3rd party agencies as none of them responded to the surveys. The questions and answers are listed below.

What are the successful techniques of internet marketing used today?

Most successful marketing technique from both company and consumer perspective is search engine marketing.

To what extent does internet marketing bring revenue for the companies and not just end up attracting junk traffic which does not generate any revenue for the company?

Both consumers and companies agreed that internet marketing improves the brand image of the company or products or both, internet marketing is a revenue earner, reliability of the country is very important for success of internet marketing , many of the 3rd party internet marketing provide only junk traffic which has a negative impact on the growth of internet marketing. Companies agreed that they have to necessarily focus their internet marketing based on the gender difference so as to make more money. Consumers were undecided on this. Companies were undecided that variation in import duty in different countries prevents suppliers from indulging in internet marketing. Consumers agreed to this. Companies agreed that immaterial whether it is industrial products/consumer products, internet marketing can be used successfully but consumers are undecided on this. Companies and consumer are undecided that internet marketing focused on...
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