Current Trends and their Potential Impact on the Future of the Travel and Tourism Industry Report

Topics: Tourism, Cultural tourism, World Tourism Organization Pages: 10 (3329 words) Published: May 14, 2015

Current Trends and their Potential Impact on the Future of the Travel and Tourism Industry Report

Prepared by Hanna Wojciak
Prepared for Melanie Chesney

The purpose of this report is to provide information about political, economic, environmental, social, cultural and technological factors and current trends and their impact on the future of the Travel and Tourism industry, which will be submitted to the Minister heading the Education Department of the Scottish Executive.

Changes in legislation introduced by the government can affect the travel and tourism industry in many ways. The Disability Discrimination Act was introduced to prevent possible discrimination against people with disabilities. All service providers have been required to make the reasonable changes needed to make their services accessible to people with disabilities. Easy and appropriate access to hotels, restaurants, planes, trains, buses, taxis, cultural institutions such as museums and theatres and all other facilities and services encourage and increase the number of people with disabilities to travel. Also is a worth to mention that when Cancellation and Delay occure EU Regulation gives passengers greater rights when flights are delayed or cancelled. Common European regulation prevent all passengers who arrive from countries outside the European Union to bring excessive amounts of goods from third countries. The Regulation will allow greater control to verify whether equivalent standards are applied in a third country and whether the overall standard of aviation security is satisfactory, thereby allowing, for example liquids bought in duty free shops there to be allowed on aircraft in the EU.


Tourism is a highly taxed industry related taxes are those applicable specifically to tourists, the tourism sector or tourism destinations. Travelers pay a lot of taxes an airline tickets, a hotel rooms, or a rental cars. National, state and local governments charge a tax on sales and wages generated by the tourists. Changes in taxes affect tourism as they raise costs. Passengers on airlines have become used to paying air passenger duty. When taxes are raised or newly introduced, they become contentious.

They include air transport charge, security charge, departure tax, accommodation tax, entrance fee or eco-tourism tax. Tourism taxation is one of the important tools for providing the necessary investment in infrastructures and services and for supporting tourism promotional activities.


The political status could influence a customer's view to go to a specific destination as political events tend to spark war and conflict with the local people in a specific destination. Government decisions or the way a country is run can cause conflict. Because of this a destination becomes a high risk terrorism destination and stronger laws are put in place to try and stop these things from happening which sometimes doesn't make things better for that destination. The political situations can be that severe that tour operators stop going to destinations.


Tourism is a powerful economic force providing employment, foreign exchange, income, and tax revenue. The generators of economic impact for a country, or a destination area are visitors, their expenditures, and the multiplier effect. Income is generated from wages, salaries, interest, rent and profits. This could include, for example, the interest paid on loans to an airline in order to buy an aircraft, or rent paid to a landowner for a car park or campsite near the sea. Positive impacts on Travel and Tourism industry are when tourists bring increased income with their spending on travel, accommodation, etc. Income will be greater in the areas which: generate large numbers of tourists, where visitors tend to stay for longer periods, where the destination attracts an...
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