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Topics: Japan, Saudi Arabia, Renault Pages: 2 (658 words) Published: May 4, 2013
The article is about the horsemeat scandal that had a negative impact on the meat market thereby affecting some businesses, in particular Burger King. It was reported that some of its burgers were contaminated in the horsemeat scandal. There have been several reactions from customer due to this problem. Moreover, Burger King has apologised for the inconvenience caused through advertising posted in different newspaper though the burgers tested at the restaurants were proved to be negative compared to those that were tested at its supplier. This has been a bad publicity for Burger King causing damage to its brand image due to the fact that it was a social problem. This has severely affected the profit margin of the company which has fallen drastically. This has seriously affected the product of Burger King whereby customers will be reluctant in consuming burgers as there will always have a doubt whether the problem has been solved or not. However ,the solution to this problem should be that Burger King must do big promotional campaign stating that its product is not contaminated with horsemeat and also the results of the test should be advertised so that to make consumers aware. The article is about Saudi Arabia whereby governments have imposed regulations to deport foreign workers from Yemen and other countries and this has been a major issue in the country. Local businesses and foreign ambassadors have protest against this policy. This is due to the new employment program adopted by the government of Saudi Arabia. Moreover, this policy would help Saudi Arabia to lower its youth unemployment rate so as to balance the recruitment done by the private sector firms which employ large number of foreign workers. The government has penalized the private firms which employ more foreign than local workers. This policy is creating a lot of problems for businesses as their labour force is decreased. Though the government has given three month time before the policy is...
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