Current Events - Ukraine Crisis

Topics: Vladimir Putin, Russia, Viktor Yanukovych Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: March 25, 2014
Current Events - Ukraine Crisis
The problem in Ukraine today are because of the Ukraine's president Viktor Yanukovych and Russian's president Vladimir Putin. How this started was when the Ukraine government under the control of Viktor Yanukovych announced that the country could not risk the relationship between Russia and had announced the denial of trade between the country and Europe. Which lead to uproars and protests of the citizens of Ukraine who wanted to bring down Yanukovych from power. Eventually the president did flee to safety in Russia as the protesters finally bombarded government palace. Parliament also had stripped Yanukovych of his powers leaving the new position to a new president who will soon come to be. But during this time, Russian president Vladimir Putin, already has his military forces tucked in parts of Ukraine such as Crimea. This had lead to the United States intervening because it does not seem Vladimir Putin has his forces within Ukraine just to sight see but rather a potential chance to rise in power. Now United States and Russian military have a standoff within the Crimea, as diplomatic conferences are held to achieve a solution to this problem peacefully.

What I personally think about the Ukraine crisis, is that the Ukraine government should let the people decide which side to choose. Russia president Vladimir Putin just wants to seize power of Ukraine, and that should not happen because the people have a right to decide what should be done. The protest of the Ukraine citizens should also be a reason why Ukraine should not align with Russia. The people did not like what the past president did that should be a reason why in the future Ukraine should not align with Russia, let the people decide who to align. That was what the protest in Ukraine was for, the citizens did not like how the government ruled, therefore toke action to go against it. Russia and the US should let the people of Ukraine to decide.
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