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Current Events Paper

By christenb63 Apr 29, 2015 1365 Words

Hillary Clinton Email Scandal
Christen Barney
Period 3 Kuiper


Although women have equal rights as men legally, they still struggle to be taken seriously in many careers, politics being the main area of struggle. Looking through a feminist lens, the three articles I examined about the event aimed to shoot down a qualified and exceptional presidential candidate using an email scandal that was blown out of proposition, simply because of her gender. While serving as secretary of state it was assumed that Hillary Clinton has been using a private email account in order to benefit her 2016 presidential election. Once being the first lady, it has been a struggle for Clinton to show herself as a strong political figure, this was just another event that tried to define her political career. While serving as the Secretary of State, Clinton’s emails were questioned when the- House Oversight Committee sent a letter asking various questions on if the personal email accounts were used for official business. After sending back a response nearly 2 months after she was out of office, the State Department failed to provide any answers to the questions that were asked. Hillary Clinton finally gave her own response and reasoning about a month ago, revealing that she did, in fact, had been using a personal email on a private server while serving as the Secretary of State. Her explanation was that it was much more convenient only having to carry one electronic device with her. The first major test of her 2016 presidential campaign has begun, as U.S. citizens are concerned with her shielding many emails from inquires by Congress.

Main Body
Hillary Clinton Email Scandal
To further continue, starting from being the first lady when husband, Bill Clinton was in office, over time, Hillary has built herself a well-known name from her years of experience and success. Along with this time and experience, Hillary Clinton was hoping to be taken as a serious, and favorable candidate for the 2016 presidential election. But, a few weeks ago the first scandal occurred, in hopes of breaking down the democratic female president candidate. It isn’t a secret that the media has a major role in U.S. citizen’s thoughts on events occurring. When it comes to campaigning, this can either make or break a candidate. Because it isn’t socially acceptable for the news to openly express that a woman isn’t capable of handling the responsibility of being president, and definitely is not able to be successful at the job, twisting scandals in order to build their own impression of the candidate is much easier. And that is exactly what has been done with the recent email scandal. While examining an article by CNN, I noticed the reasoning for the multiple emails that were given by Clinton herself. Including only wanting to carry one electronic device and handling personal events separately. Adding, that Clinton was incapable of juggling several parts of life while serving as Secretary of State, imagine her as President of the United States. But, if you consider all of the time that passed while Hillary was in office, without anyone being concerned with her second email account, it shows that she was able to fulfill the needs of her job without allowing her daughters wedding planning or other life events effect her ability to get her job done correctly. The article also includes, Clinton’s first large engagement with reporters in nearly 5 months. The article says, “Media attention around Tuesday's event was more heightened than usual, but the focus appeared to be on emails.” Showing how the conference was focused more on a scandal than what is really important at the time, once again, negatively affecting her presidential campaign. In addition, other media sources claim that the Clinton’s use scandals as an opportunity to build their campaign more positively. New York Daily news says, “Not that she’s the first top-level official to screw around with emails. Bush Jr.’s administration pulled that trick in 2007 during the U.S. Attorney’s dismissal scandal as well.” Once again, taking the issue completely away from the problem that the media claims to be such a big deal to her ability to be president. It is known that Hillary Clinton is all for women being active in the business world and encouraging young women to work for a better future. But the news article adds, “Unless they’ve been involved with her husband, which could be a good 10% of the population right there.” Being able to keep personal life from work life is one of the many problems that men claim to affect women in the business world. But this is another example of the media creating a problem that doesn’t even exist. Clinton is struggling enough with multiple scandals trying to tear her political campaign down, creating more personal problems is just setting her up for disaster. The media has the impact of affecting voter’s choice in the presidential election, by including personal life and false scenarios; the candidates aren’t looked at fairly. The email scandal makes voters believe that Clinton is dishonest and not capable of doing the job correctly, rather than showing her strengths and weaknesses simply as a political candidate. As if being a female doesn’t make it hard enough, the media creating scandals and twisting the truth, Clinton continues to struggle just to be taken seriously in her running. Finally, Clinton refuses to let, yet another scandal, bring her down from being an exceptional candidate for the 2016 presidential election. Serving as Secretary of State and being a political figure for several years, Clinton shows that she reaches the requirements as the President of the United States, but the media will continue to use her gender as a reason for inability. History shows, that men are the ones who are able to handle the job, as there never before has been a female president. Our cultural thinks of women as not emotionally stable for the job, not intelligent enough, and too weak to handle the pressure. But how do we know if this is true, if it has never before been done? Stereotypes and assumptions have built this idea in people’s minds and continue to be the reason why female politicians, including Hillary Clinton, struggle to get their foot into office. During the 1992 election, Hillary was the first lady when husband, Bill Clinton, was put into office, it was said that Hillary would make her way into office simply through her husband being president not by inhabitation the role herself. Over 20 years later, and this is still believed by citizens. The media has continued to forget to mention the success she has had through her own hard work and abilities, they continue to only blow up the scandals that are created in order to make her appear as a weaker candidate. Our cultural doesn’t understand how a woman could possibly be successful with her career in business and politics, it isn’t shown, therefore it is unheard of. This will continue for 20 more years until the media shows the truth, rather than what brings in more sales. In conclusion, through a feminist lens, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential election will continue to struggle, starting with the first email scandal. Rather than showing her success and abilities through years of experience, voters are shown her weaknesses through having more than one email account. Trying to eliminate multiple electronic devices and attempting to keep her personal life organized, Clinton was made out to be a lying, sneaky, manipulative individual by the media. Another scandal that will affect her hopes of being a candidate for the 2016 presidential election, simply because she is a female.

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