Current Events: Afghanistan

Topics: School, Afghanistan, Taliban Pages: 2 (439 words) Published: April 6, 2008
Current Events
Women’s rights in Afghanistan is an issue that must be brought to international attention. It has been only six years since the Taliban regime was taken out of power in Kabul. Many positive changes have occurred since then for improving Women’s rights and participation within society. When the Taliban were in power, women were not allowed to work, go to school, receive medical care from male doctors, travel without male relatives, and they were regarded as non-citizens without rights or representation. Over the past six years, women are now allowed to do these things; they are not oppressed like they were before. Women have a presence and voice in government and in the media. Things have impressively improved but there are still problems. Males still attend school in greater numbers because of security reasons and other restrictions. In the South and East of Afghanistan the Taliban is increasing its power. Nearly 150 schools have burned to the ground, 305 schools closed and 105 students and teachers have been killed because of the rising Taliban power in the mentioned South and East.

This issue involves inequality because the Taliban is doing whatever possible to continue treating women like they did before they were kicked out of power. They are doing what they can to treat women as if they are not men’s equal. They are suppressing women’s rights that women have gained since 2002 with terror. They are taking away women’s personal freedom.

There are several reasonable ways that would lessen the inequality mentioned above. The most effective ones are as follows. The government should create laws that require all Children to get educated, whether they be home schooled or taught in the traditional way of going to school, similar to those which are present in Canada. There are still many men who believe women to be less than equal to them. This law would force all of those men to allow their daughters to opportunity of an education which...
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