Current Environmental Issues

Topics: Water, Water pollution, Water quality Pages: 4 (1539 words) Published: July 7, 2010
Current Environmental Issues
Tamisha Johnson
Soc 120
Instructor Kerr
June 19, 2010

Current Environmental Issues
With the world’s population steadily increasing, our environmental issues are steadily changing. With this increase we are experiencing a loss of natural resources. Our forests are being torn down to meet the needs of growing cities. The reason for this is more demands for paper, wood, or even new land. With the help from everyone hopefully we can increase the demand to plant new trees. The environment is facing a crisis of all sorts of pollution: air, water, land, and noise. Climate change, ozone depletion, over consumption, radioactive waste, over population, sea level rising, illegal mining, habitat destruction, species extinction. These environmental issues bring problems not only to the condition of the environment but the health and lives of its inhabitants as well. Land Issues

Land pollution and desertification, due to a decrease in vegetation has left the planet unsuitable for human use. A large scale of deforestation and other human activities are rising. We have been improperly using soil, and doing a lot of hazardous waste disposal. Instead of properly recycling our everyday household items, we are dumping them with our trash. With this over population, it is causing too much pollution. Land pollution is in results to dumping waste and other hazardous materials onto our precious soils. Basically water pollution is coming from us leaving things by beachside or by the rivers, and it flows into the ocean, also from debris coming from boats. To stop this pollution we need to save our environment. To do this we should plant more trees, plants and flowers. Instead of us dumping waist into our landfills we need to recycle. Plant based insecticides should be used by farmers. Recycling and reusing waste is a good way to start preserving our lands and making the pollution stop. Instead of a lot of us car pooling when we are going places we...

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