Current Affairs are nothing more than another form of entertainment

Topics: Bali Nine, Capital punishment, Emotion Pages: 4 (1424 words) Published: February 18, 2014
Television news/current affairs is nothing more than another form of entertainment. Discuss.

Since the television was invented in 1924, news and current affair programs have become one of our main media sources. These sources attempt to inform on the cultural, political and social events of current importance and interest. However, through analysis of construction, it becomes evident that current affairs do not present true fact, instead show a representation of reality that is of interest to its target audience. The Current affair segment “Bali Nine Death Row” on Sunday Nights, presents a controversial issue that focuses on the current lives of the men whom were involved in a drug related crime taken place on the 17th April 2005. This segment successfully informs us on this issue as well as entertaining us, through presenting issues of interest rather than issues that are current news, focusing on the dramatic story of the death sentence and highlighting areas such as their family and their future in order to receive an emotional response from the target audience. The construction of this segment is a vital aspect in persuading the audience to react in a way that reflects the Channels ideology towards the issue, and through the use of techniques such as interviews, camera shots, written text and inclusive language, the audience is not only positioned to view an issue in a certain way, but is informed about it in an entertaining way that is of interest to them.

Current affairs programs do not provide informative, factual evidence, instead presents issues that are relative to its viewers in an entertaining way that captivates the interests of the audience. Within the Bali Nine segment, rather than focusing on the newsworthy issue that these nine Australians tried to smuggle 8kg of heroin into Australia, is instead driven by a narrative theme that these young men are not criminals and are in fact victims of the harsh conviction of Indonesia. This issue...
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