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Topics: Police commissioner, Entertainment, Mike Munro Pages: 3 (1026 words) Published: March 24, 2011
“Current Affairs programmes do more than present us with facts, they also tell us stories to entertain us.”
Throughout history, stories have been an essential component of societal customs, and have played an integral role in educating people about important issues that exist in society. In contemporary times, stories are successfully presented through the medium of television, to enhance the storytelling process and further create visual meaning. The segment “Zero Tolerance to Drink Driving,” from the Australian television news program A Current Affair, deals with the issue of drink driving and mainly revolves around the penalties of drink driving in New York. Presented by Mike Munro, and reported by Tara Brown, the segment employs various elements of construction such as language, selection of detail, positioning, structure and filmic codes (symbolic, written, audio and technical) to divulge a biased opinion for harsher penalties towards drink driving. In essence, therefore, segments of a current affair programmes are constructed pieces of factual texts that are presented in the form of a narrative to implicitly manifest a biased opinion on an issue, and further create interest in viewers.

A Current Affair is an early evening television program that focuses on report-centred investigations on a particular issue that is relevant to viewers with family and community values. “Zero Tolerance to Drink Driving” is a carefully devised segment that endeavours to entertain, and inform viewers about the consequences of drink driving in New York. Presenter Mike Munro introduces the segment in a clever manner by using the proximity technique to relate the issue of drugs in school, in Australia, to the case of zero tolerance towards drink driving in New York. By doing this, the targeted viewers feel a sense of connection with the presented segment and are able to relate to the zero tolerance...
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