Currency Futuers in India

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Project report
Currency futures market in India
At Anagram capital

In Partial Fulfillment of the Project Study in Masters of Business Administration Programme of Gujarat Technological University Submitted by: Submitted to: Milan Adodariya [09001] Dr. Sneha Shukla Khima Goraniya [09024]

Batch: 09-11

N. R. Institute of business management, Ahmedabad
As a part of M.B.A. curriculum we have to do summer training in the corporate world for 7 weeks as partial fulfillment of degree and based on that we have to prepare project report on it. So there is great importance for us of this valuable training as we have to get real world learning experience. Fortunately, we got opportunities to have our training at Anagram Securities ltd. And we came into touch with corporate world and learnt basic concepts of currency futures market. Whatever we learnt we have also tried to apply it in our project report and for that we selected topic “currency futures market in India” and we have tried to understand it properly with practical examples. With this we have also included topics about organization and its activities, products, market analysis etc. where we have done our training so our objectives of this report and training are as followings.

An acknowledgement is something which is overlooked by many, but it forms integral part of our project and is only means through which we could communicate our thanks to all those who have extended their help with selflessness in an untiring manner. We are thankful to our Institute (NRIBM-GLS) for giving us an opportunity of doing our summer project at Anagram. We heartly thankful to our Director Dr.Hitesh Ruparel and Prof. Dr. Sneha Shukla for providing us guidance in this project. We would like to express our gratitude to our company guide Miss. Namrata Agarwal and HR Manager to giving us opportunity to have our summer project in this well-known company. We are also very thankful to Mr. Kashyap Darji, without his guidance this project would have not been possible. It was nice learning experience to have with him. Last but not least we are thankful to all of those who have directly or indirectly helped us to make this project a great journey in the ocean of knowledge. We are again very much thankful to all these persons.

Thank you,
Milan Adodariya
Khima Goraniya
(BATCH 2009-11)

The project aims to get an overview about currency futures market and to achieve this we have decided to go step by step under the guidance of our internal guide as well as external guide at Anagram Capital which is as under. Research methodology gives a proper direction to go through out the project. It includes our objective to get basic understanding about the currency market as well as to know about the awareness level of people who are active in the stock market towards currency futures. A brief introduction has been given about history of various means of exchange and need of determining a particular currency for a country and major currencies of the world. India has a strong presence in the world’s economic activities so a strong need felt by RBI and SEBI to do something in this area. Hence a working committee has been formed and according to their suggestions trading in currency futures started in India. Indian broking industry is always an attractive destination for FII’s and FDI’s to invest and trade but major portion of that constitutes from equity shares. After the permission of SEBI and RBI this industry has also focused on trading in currency futures and today industry has gained a lot from this area also. Anagram capital is a big player in retail broking and having its root in western India particularly in Gujarat. The company has a strong research base and providing...

Bibliography: * The Bretton Woods System, 1944-73:-
The Gold Standard partly, fixing the USD at $35.00 per ounce of Gold and fixing the other main currencies to the dollar, initially intended to be on a permanent basis
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