Curfews Keep Students Out of Trouble. Discuss.

Topics: Want, Adolescence, Crime Pages: 2 (728 words) Published: August 5, 2013
Looking for freedom is human nature. Everyone wants to have his or her own space and time to manage. As teenagers, we sought for independence and try hard to decide for ourselves, but our parents set a lot of rules at home for us and sometimes even strict family curfews. Thus it has often been argued by teenagers that their parents are too controlling and do not give them enough freedom. In the modern society, students think that controlling parents are “old-fashioned” and “should loosen up”. Other feels that “it is for our own good” and that our parents only want to protect us. As students, time passes us so fast that we do not have time to socialise. With the technology advancements, we prefer sitting in front of the computer all night long to do some ”face-booking” and “tweeting”. However, in other countries such as US, juvenile crime rate hit really high and the government tries to solve the problem by setting curfews for teenagers. Do curfews really work? Can they keep teens out of trouble? On hand, students who are self-disciplined and understands very well why their parents wants them home to be home by a certain time of the night may argue with those who see no good in curfews that the main concern of our parents is our safety. Flip through the newspapers and you would find reports on many accidents happening every day. Responsible parents therefore use many methods, including curfews, to protect their children from trouble. With us in sight, they will feel more at ease as they can look out for us. On the flip side of the coin, students who believe that they should respected and be trusted by their parents in being able to handle situations feel that if their parents place them under such scrutiny, they will only rebel. They would be more determined to stay out passed the curfew and cause mischief. This will be on the contrary on what their parents wanted to achieve, that is to discipline and protect us. Only when we are entrusted with...
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