Topics: Adolescence, Responsibility, Young adult Pages: 2 (434 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Curfew is and always will be a problem for teenagers. When you tell a teen what to do they go totally against your word. Most teenagers feel that they need liberty and need to enjoy their lives. Recently, the city council is considering a curfew that will make it illegal for all jersey city teens to be out on the streets after 10pm. Freedom means a lot to teenagers and if that gets taken away, they will be practically left with nothing. The curfew law can effect adolescents negatively because many have bad home lives, or work late, and most are mature & responsible enough to handle being out after 10pm.

Many teens experience hardships and disappointments at home, so they often stay out late and try to avoid it. Most of the time they argue with their parents and these arguments can lead to mistakes like suicide. The teenage emotional rate is over the limit and none have patience at all, Teenagers tend to take things seriously. The only way to get away from it all is to go out and have fun an at least try not to think about home problems for a couple of hours.

The majorities of teenagers have jobs and often work late. The reason why is because some may take responsibility to their own hands, others prefer to work instead of asking their parents for money. The unfortunate ones have to work late because they need to and may have to support a family on their own. A lot of teens have to struggle with working late and some people just don’t understand but they do it because they feel as though they need to.

The teenage generation now is very advanced and most of them have friends with cars. They are very mature & responsible enough to handle the night life as some call it. Teens are responsible by taking actions to their hands and are very aware on where to hang out at night. The key to being mature and staying out late without dealing with any problems is to be with the right people that you can trust and friends with cars.

I strongly disagree with...
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