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By breearaujo Feb 26, 2013 257 Words
Should teens have a curfew? Many people say that "teen years" are supposed to be the time of our lives,

have fun, do stupid things. However, some teens have a little too much fun and seem to do reckless things.

Setting a curfew for a teen will keep a teen out of trouble legally.

Teens should have a curfew because it is for their safety as well as setting boundaries. Especially during

the schoolyear because they still need a decent amount of sleep at night. During the weekends and summer

it can be more laid back and later at night.

Yes, almost every teen out there can say they've been able to pull off some form of trouble much easier at night

than during the day. If a teen is going to do something wrong, it'll be any time of the day. However, after nightfall, it

becomes much easier to accomplish these mischevious plans.

People who argue against curfews say there shouldn't be curfew because most crimes happen during the day, people

can be at the wrong place at the wrong time, giving your child a curfew will make them rebel more and go behind your back.

In conclusion, I think all teens should have curfews because most teens that make mistakes will blame others. Teenagers control

their own lives and if they choose to go down the negative path then they will get all negative things that come there way and if

they choose to go down the positive way then they get positive outcomes.

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