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Having noticed the business opportunity in food, especially in dessert in the Vietnam market, Ucake’s business idea is developed. The purpose of presenting this idea is to help customers embodying their precious message into cake, the requisite item in every celebration. This can be regarded our business idea as the current market has not provide it. Investigation revealed that choosing young people 15 to 30 living in Ho Chi Minh City as potential targets in terms of increase in population, GDP and positive behavioral change towards cake. Moreover, market research found that there are competitors with strong brand name and reputation. However Ucake can survive among the opponents with service differentiation focus strategy in which Ucake’s core differentiated service is ‘customer’s self decorated cake’. Ucake provides plain base cake, hygiene environment with fresh and diverse topping, and then customers simply come to shop and decorate their cakes easily and fast with meaningful memory supported by professional advice by Ucake’s chefs. Otherwise, customers can choose cake design from hundreds of models that suit their event. Among the analysis, first five years’ financial statements, showing estimated establishment cost, revenue and expense, are included to verify that Ucake is able to break-even within 3 years.

I.The Business Idea4
1.Opportunity description:4
2.Product / service description:4
3.Description of the entrepreneur team:5
II.The Industry and Market6
1.Current Industry Analysis6
2.Market potential Analysis7
3.Competitors Analysis (referred to Appendix 3)8
4.Target market/customers9
5.Market penetration (referred to Appendix 5)10
6.Stakeholder Analysis11
III.Business Model Analysis (referred to Appendix 6)13
1.Revenue sources13
2.Cost drivers13
3.Resource requirements / mapping13
4.Investment size14
5.Critical success factors15
6.Risk analysis and management16
IV.Future Action Plan17
1.Sources of start – up capital17
2.Further information needed17
3.Support needed18

I. The Business Idea
1. Opportunity description:
Currently, Vietnamese people are accustomed to Western culture, so they consider cakes not only as desserts or presents for birthday, but also indispensable items in special events such as Christmas or anniversary party. This trend leads to the rapid growth in demands of cakes, especially in holiday period like Christmas (Bao Moi Newspaper, 2009). Not stopping there, people also want to make their cake becomes more momentous to suit the purpose of parties or events. However, there are still no bakeries allowing customers to decorate cakes by themselves. As entrepreneurs, this is a good occasion for Ucake to develop a business idea to create more values and options for customers through its differentiated services. 2. Product / service description:

Ucake bakery that has differentiated services will be opened to make customer feel convenient and comfortable, bring more benefit, and satisfy their...
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