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Topics: Social network service, Body modification, Facebook Pages: 2 (746 words) Published: September 29, 2010
Today’s culture is much different than what it once was in the past. With modern technology it is easier for individuals to express themselves in radical ways such as tattooing, piercing, etc. What do these new-age ideas reveal about society as it exists today? With the stereotypes that exist, each and every person is looking for some sort of individuality that sets them apart from everyone else. Besides tattooing and piercing, another way to do this is through social-networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace. How do social-networking sites and tattoos reveal the personality of our culture? These new ideas set us apart from any other generation and that’s exactly what our culture today looks for: individuality. Individuals that like to display body modifications such as tattoos seem to think the social standards for appearance is generic and boring. As said in Wooard’s Pumped, Pierced, Painted, and Pagan, “I look at the women in Cosmopolitan and they look ridiculous. I look at the women in Savage magazine, women who look like me, and I think they are beautiful” (466).”Women today don’t want to look natural but super natural”. (456). This meaning women want to be more noticeable and achieve the most attractive look possible, even if it’s not natural looking and can easily be classified as fake. Women also seem to be willing to adapt to more extreme standards to fit modern society’s standards of beauty. They are willing to sacrifice their comfort and in some cases even their health just to be noticed. “And as popular as tattooing is, the demand for body piercing has begun to surpass it.” (468) Tattoos are more expensive, painful, and permanent. These factors could discourage people that may not be completely convinced they want a tattoo and make a piercing look more appealing. Piercings are much faster and when the owner of the piercing no longer wants it they can simply take it out and wait for it to heal. As for tattoos they can be very pricy and painful...
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