Culture Shock

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Describe the causes of culture shock...

Culture shock

Culture shock is basically defined as moving from a familiar culture to a one which are un familiar. Culture shock depends on factors such as how big the cultural difference is between your home and your new location, and how long one is away from home, you may or may not experience all the phases. There are many factors that cause culture shock like climate, food and language.

One of the main reasons is climate. In gulf countries people are used to a much warmer climate. People that move from a warm country to a cold country, they are not used to the very cold weather even in in their country in winter. Changing in weather might affect the health your health, clothes also can be reason of culture shock cause you are prepared to travel with your normal summer clothes or not so thick clothes to were because you do not have an idea how cold the weather is in that country, another cause is plans for example you are traveling for a boat in another country and your shocked that its very cold for a sea trip, all your plan canceled.

Food is also a cause of culture shock. Food might be cooked differently, with different recipes, as I know in foreign countries they use alcohol in their food and in Islam alcohol is not allowed In our customs and our religion, If you travel to another country you will relay mostly on fast food and that could be a problem, eating to much fast food will cause harmful diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol, and will affect you heart. Another reason of that food could be one of the causes of culture shock is missing home cooking or your mom cook , that will make you feel sad and home sick which will affect your psychology and unwillingness to eat, you will lose your appetite and eating regularly may affect your body.

Another cause of culture shock is language. Constantly listening and speaking English and it's not your fist...
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