Culture Shock

Topics: Feeling, Experience, Talk radio Pages: 2 (742 words) Published: September 4, 2007
When I was in my hometown Hong Kong, I always wanted to go to other countries to study, because I thought that I would have more freedom and I wanted to get rid of my mother since I thought that she was very annoying at that time. Finally, I chose United States. The several months before I came to US, I always wanted to come to US as fast as possible since I thought that US is pretty much like a paradise. I thought that the people here are very nice, the places are very beautiful and the air is fresh. However, after I came to here, I found that US is not as good as what I thought before. The bad thing is that I experienced the culture shock rapidly after several weeks I came to here. In this essay, I will mainly talk about how did I experienced and fight the culture shock and what did I changed after that experience.

The culture shock suffered me for around a month and that time is the most difficult time in my life. During the first few weeks, I was excited by everything in US because they were new to me. However, after those weeks, I started to feel anxious about my family and my friends, especially my mother. Although sometimes they would gave me some phone calls and sent e-mails to me, those things would just made me cried and thought more about them. I missed my mother¡¦s food and even her annoyance very much at that time. In those days, I was feeling lonely and almost sleepless at every night. Besides loneliness, there were some communication problems. When I talked to some people in school, they seemed do not understand what I was talking about since my English was very poor at that time. I had the feelings of being lost, overlooked, unsecured and unwillingness to interact with others. Nevertheless, my feelings was getting better and better as I was getting more familiar with the people and environment of US.

I used some ways to fight the culture shock. First, I recognized the sorrow of leaving Hong Kong, and accepted the things in America. Because...
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